Deadly Elf Car Accident and Motorcycle Rider in Karawang Kills 7 People

PRFMNEWS – Occur accident traffic involving an elf car and four motorcyclists on the Purwasari arterial route, KarawangWest Java on Sunday, 15 May 2022. Inhabitant Karawang shocked by accident The death between the elf car and several motorbike riders on the Purwasari highway was due to the death toll for killing 7 people. “From reports … Read more

The Story of 1 Family Becomes Victim of Elf Karawang’s Deadly Accident, Mother and Father Die, Child is Seriously Injured Page all Warsito (47) rushed to the hospital when he received news that his family was involved in an accident with Elf’s car in Purwasari District, KarawangWest Java, Sunday (15/5/2022) afternoon. At first, he thought the collision was just an accident. Read also: Accident that Killed 7 People in Karawang Starting from Elf Hits the Median … Read more

Seconds of Deadly Accident in Karawang, 7 Killed, 10 Injured

Monday, May 16 2022 – 11:59 WIB Illustration of a crime scene at the scene of an accident. Photo:, KARAWANG – Seven people died and 10 others were injured in a traffic accident on Jalan Purwasari, Karawang, West Java. The Karawang Police have investigated the scene of the accident that occurred on Sunday … Read more

V.Micov’s three-point overshadowed the fantastic Z.LeDay and saved D.Tarolis’ team in a deadly battle

Adriatic League semifinals between Donato Tarolio Podgorica’s Budučnost and Belgrade’s Partizan will need a decisive third match. Podgorica team at home after a dramatic fight 72:71 (20:17, 18:10, 17:22, 17:22) broke Partizan and equalized the series with two wins – 1: 1. Tarolis has not been registered for this match. Budučnost’s victory was snatched by … Read more

4 Diseases That Are Prone to Attack in Extreme Weather, The Last Number Is Considered Deadly

loading… Diseases that are prone to attack in extreme weather should be watched out for. This is because the weather, which is usually called transition, can trigger a variety of diseases from mild to deadly. Photo/illustration/Freepik JAKARTA – Disease Those who are prone to attack in extreme weather should be wary of. This is because … Read more

NATO needs to strengthen capabilities in the Baltics to signal “deadly serious” readiness to defend itself / Day

The Latvian Prime Minister emphasized that NATO, through practical work in the field of defense, should send a message to Moscow and Putin: “Don’t even go this route!”. A strong NATO presence is needed so that Russia does not decide to carry out an attack, so that Russia has no logical basis to attack a … Read more

Key to Carlo Ancelotti’s Renaissance in the 2021-2022 Season: Simple but Deadly

TWITTER.COM/DEFCENTRAL Breaking the predictions of many people who think he will not be successful at Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti is in fact able to silence everyone’s mouth and bring Real Madrid to fly high. BOLASPORT.COM – Breaking the predictions of many people who think it will not be successful in Indonesia Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti … Read more

200 prisoners who escaped during deadly Ecuador riots caught

Two hundred detainees who escaped from a prison in Ecuador during riots have been arrested, Ecuadorian police said. Riots between rival gangs certainly came on Monday 44 people for life. The group was arrested within 24 hours of their escape. Of the 220 prisoners who managed to escape in the chaos, 20 are still on … Read more

The Chronology of Deadly Pinjols Triggers Mothers Killing Children in Semarang

Semarang, CNN Indonesia — The Semarang Police Resmob team investigated the online loan company (pinjol) that triggered RS (34), a resident of Pudakpayung, Semarang, Central Java, killed his son KA (4) at a hotel in Semarang. According to the hospital’s confession, he admitted that he was stressed because he was in debt of IDR 38 … Read more

The Powassan virus, which is extremely deadly and transmitted by ticks, has already claimed lives in the United States

Connecticut authorities have confirmed that a 50-year-old man was infected with the rare Powassan virus and suffered symptoms in the central nervous system after being bitten by a tick. Another person died after infection. The Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) confirmed last week that a 50- to 59-year-old man fell ill in March and … Read more