Deadly game with the gun: 13 year old kills a 5 year old boy

In the US yet another tragedy born of “easy weapons”: in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, a 13-year-old boy shot a gun, killing a 5-year-old boy. From what was reconstructed by the police, the tragedy occurred during the Thanksgiving holiday. A group of children were playing and wanted to make a video with their smartphone. It is … Read more

This Causes Lung Cancer To Be The Most Deadly Disease In The World, In Indonesia There Are 34,783 New Cases – Based on GLOBOCAN 2020 data, lung cancer is the cause of about 11 percent or 2,206,771 new cases of cancer and number one cancer deaths in the world. Meanwhile, in Indonesia the cause of 8.8 percent or 34,783 new cases. Lung cancer becomes dangerous and causes a risk of death, according to the … Read more

Deadly storms in United Kingdom, tens of thousands without power | Abroad

Arwen has been accompanied by heavy wind gusts, rain and snowfall since Friday afternoon. The authorities had warned Britons by issuing a rare code red. That means that life-threatening severe weather is approaching. That code red expired on Saturday morning, according to Sky News, but Britons were still advised to travel only if absolutely necessary. … Read more

Police Information On Deadly Shooting During Illegal Dance Party In BM Lounge

The remains of the victim were removed from the BM Lounge after extensive examination. In the early morning of Thursday 25 November, 40-year-old Dutchman Vincent Meiland was arrested during a suspected exchange of gunfire between two police officers Diego W. and Ronny R., and 43-year-old suspect Roberto S. died. The Suriname Police Corps just reported … Read more

The deadly danger in electronic cigarettes: Vitamin E acetate! Inhaling vitamin E carries deadly risks!

In the statement made by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it was stated that vitamin E acetate was found in the patients as a result of the tests performed on samples taken from 29 patients with electronic cigarette connections in 10 states. Simply a grease-like product; It is also used in … Read more

Mickaël, a young father, had worked for the company for 15 years

Posted on Wednesday, November 24, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. A work accident occurred late Wednesday morning at the Lutosa company in Leuze-en-Hainaut. A worker performing maintenance on a rack in a frozen food storage area struck a metal post. The victim was killed instantly. According to our information, Mickaël, the victim, was a young father … Read more

Fear of Russia Invasion of Ukraine, US Considers Sending Deadly Aid Packages

Javelin anti-tank missile. Photo/YouTube WASHINGTON – United States of America (US) considering sending military advisers and new equipment including weaponry to Ukraine . It was done because of Washington’s concerns over a potential invasion Russia to Ukraine increased. Discussions about the proposed lethal aid package came after Ukraine warned that an invasion could occur as … Read more

The movie “Deadly Weapon” almost never saw the light of day

Shane Black remembers writing the first draft of the screenplay in less than six weeks, but was so disappointed with it and threw it in the trash. The screenplay was written in 1985. Sean Black, a student at the University of California, worked on the plot with his research. After graduation, the young man met … Read more

It hurts a little, don’t take medicine right away, it’s better to boil pandan leaves and then drink the water, this deadly disease is guaranteed to die right away – All Pages Pandan water decoction is beneficial for health which can prevent various diseases – Maintaining health is very important so that you can do various activities. Don’t let your immune system decrease which causes you to feel unwell. The habit of Indonesian people when they feel their body is not fit is taking drugs. … Read more

Index – Domestic – A deadly house fire occurred in Kunhegyes

A man died in an apartment fire in Kunhegyes early Wednesday evening, a spokesman for the National Directorate General for Disaster Management informed our editorial office. Dániel Mukics said that a hundred-square-meter house had caught fire in Pósa Lajos Street in Kunhegyes, where firefighters had found a body. In the hallway of the house, the … Read more