Ex-drug dealer suspected of passing genital herpes on to his 7-year-old daughter

Sentenced to eight years in prison for drug trafficking, a father who allegedly took advantage of a release to sexually assault his seven-year-old daughter was able to regain his freedom. In 2012, a 43-year-old man who was at the head of a major network of synthetic drug traffickers received a deterrent sentence of eight years … Read more

Caron Bluter, former NBA star who dreamed of being a drug dealer

Born and raised in Racing Wisconsin, Caron Bluter had a difficult childhood and adolescence as growing up in an area known as “the capital of marijuana”Sooner or later he was involved in the world of drugs. Former basketball star who made his NBA debut with the Miami Heat in 2002 he was arrested several times … Read more

WoW Shadowlands suddenly kicks out the PvP dealer – what happened?

In World of warcraft all of a sudden the PvP merchant has disappeared in the Shadowlands expansion. It was there, now it’s gone. But there is a possible explanation for his disappearance. What happened to the PvP provider? In the new WoW add-on, Shadowlands, there is actually a dealer, as usual, selling you valuable things … Read more

Court is convinced: art dealer wanted to sell fake Uecker | Regional

Düsseldorf – The court is convinced: An alleged work by artist Günther Uecker (90) that the art dealer Ernst Jockels (46) wanted to sell is plagiarism! Now Jockels has to reimburse the down payment received, worth 7500 euros. The subject of dispute at the Düsseldorf Regional Court was the work “Sandbild 1986 on handmade paper”, … Read more

Singles Day for everyone !?

Trademark protection for Singles Day German retailers such as Douglas and Media Markt also want the Singles Day, which comes from China, on November 11th. use it to seduce customers into making spontaneous purchases with discounts. The use of the brand is restricted to retailers who give Singles Day a chance and want to use … Read more

Coronavirus in Belgium: this drug dealer adapts to confinement and sells cannabis on social networks

It was a consequence of the first confinement: drug trafficking had fallen in our country. Since then, the dealers have adapted. Some are now selling via social networks. A puzzle for the police officers who must identify the salespeople who are hiding behind their screens, but without pushing them to crime themselves. On social media, … Read more

Santos is listed as a drug dealer in the Dutch version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? | THE UNIVERSAL

The inclusion of the former Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos, in a list of options to select which of all had been a great drug trafficker, in the Dutch version of the quiz show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? It has unleashed a controversy on social networks. Along with the name of Santos, the … Read more

Respirators from a former arms dealer. The last transfer to the health ministry was in June

On June 26, the company E&K, which failed to deliver 1,241 respirators to the Polish government, sent the last transfer to the Ministry of Health. Since then, she has not repaid a single zloty of the almost 70 million zlotys outstanding she received in mid-April. The Ministry of Health and the CBA are silent when … Read more

Swiss farmers angry about imported butter and dealer promotions

Franziska Scheven 1/7 In action at Migros – despite the shortage: Swiss butter. Ramona Schelbert 2/7 Dairy farmer Werner Locher (66) has no understanding for the actions. Franziska Scheven 3/7 Coop also advertises butter in action. A good product to attract customers to the store. Hans Egli 7/7 Farmer, baker and farm shop owner Hans … Read more