A life of district doctor joy and critical health care debate

Bengt Järhult likes to call himself a debater, provocateur or even troublemaker. Such are needed. From 1990 alone, he has written over 150 articles in Läkartidningen; mostly sharp debate articles about bad healthcare policy but also many book reviews. Now he summarizes his debating life and his 40 years as a district doctor in Småland’s … Read more

‘Today Show’: Awkward moment between Jenna Bush Hager and Justin Sylvester sparks debate over consent

Following an awkward moment Today Showa debate broke out among viewers about consent. On Wednesday for the Today Food cooking segment, Jenna Bush Hager, guest co-host Justin Sylvester and guest Andy Baraghani cooked up a roast chicken. During the segment, Hager at one point placed his hand on Sylvester’s shoulder as he leaned in to … Read more

Elon Musk challenges Twitter to hold a public debate on the number of bots on the social network | Technology

The tycoon went to the trouble of challenging Parag Agrawal, the current CEO of Twitter, to a public debate to show whether the number of bots on the platform corresponds to what was reported. Two months before the trial that will start the legal fight between Twitter and Elon Musk, the billionaire summoned the CEO … Read more

Sunak won debate with Liz Truss

The handling of the economy was the major issue of contention in Thursday’s debate between the two leadership candidates in the Conservative Party. The leadership post will also make the winner the UK’s next Prime Minister. Earlier on Thursday, the British central bank, the Bank of England, warned against the risk of a prolonged downturn … Read more

Mountains: if the danger increases, are bans necessary? The debate ignites …

In the aftermath of the Matterhorn landslide, which did not involve people, but required the evacuation of thirteen mountaineers from various groups upstream of the collapse, the debate animates the experts. The risk of major collapses linked to drought had been a topic on the carpet for some time, so much so that the guides … Read more

A. Valinskas and S. Malinauskas clashed over the LFF: new details in the bitter debate | Sports

At the beginning of the discussion, S. Malinauskas emphasized that, despite the increased budget, the results of football and the reputation of the federation have fallen to the bottom. “It has never happened that crime has come to football. There used to be connections, obscure stories, now there are people who are from organized crime. … Read more

Fans debate why No Game No Life doesn’t have a second season — Kudasai

among the fans, Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru (The Detective Is Already Dead) was not what I would consider “a recommendation of the season” during its broadcast in the Summer-2022 season (July-September). However, when the production of a second season was recently announced, the usual topic of discussion was revived: Why doesn’t No Game No Life … Read more

Debate, Newspaper Nordland | Audience discrimination in AN?

Reader’s letter This is a debate entry, written by an external contributor. The post expresses the writer’s views. A comment to Børre Arntzen his post about the crowd at Aspmyra during the 8-0 match. Klubavisa’s foremost spokesperson speaks from the heart. The way you should and should when you are really passionate about a cause. … Read more