How do Egyptians see the debate on human rights in their country?

January 16, 2022 picture released, Getty Images comment on the photo, The Egyptian president always expresses a different vision of the human rights issue in his country. The gap appears wide between what the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi says and what local and international human rights groups say about the reality of human rights … Read more

Cabinet awaits heated debate about decoupling AOW and minimum wage | Inland

Parties such as the PVV, PvdA, GL, JA21 and Fractie Den Haan believe that the AOW plan will leave the elderly poor. “Billions go to climate and nitrogen,” says PVV leader Wilders. “Our elderly are getting a minus in purchasing power.” He finds that unacceptable. Subsistence minimum However, it can be heard in the cabinet … Read more

Compulsory vaccination for the entire population: parliament advances on debate, which all parties want

The debate is expected to last for several weeks. It is planned to hear experts to move forward on this sensitive issue. Because if everyone wants the debate, not everyone necessarily calls for the vaccination obligation of their wishes … An agreement was found Wednesday at a conference of presidents of the federal parliament to … Read more

Debate on compulsory vaccination will start soon in parliament: “It makes perfect sense”

Vaccination against Covid could soon become compulsory in Belgium. Parliament will look into the matter. The various political parties agreed today that it is time to start the debate. This will notably involve hearing “external” people, such as experts, who will give their opinion on the advisability of legislating. An agreement was reached on Wednesday … Read more

Debate: Time to increase the popular movement in Värmland

Good condition reduces the risk of both cardiovascular disease and severe covid-19. Photo: Michael Probst Obesity and sedentary lifestyle are a growing public health problem. In Värmland, 56 percent of the inhabitants live with overweight or obesity and the proportion of Swedes of working age with both poor condition and obesity has more than doubled … Read more

Vaccine debate in England: ‘Stop mass vaccination!’

According to The Guardian newspaper, Dr. Dix has called for a rethink of the UK’s coronavirus strategy, suggesting that coexistence with coronavirus is the ‘new normal’. “Mass vaccination in the UK must end now” Dr. “We need to analyze whether we will use the current booster vaccination campaign to ensure the protection of the vulnerable, … Read more

Mr Borrell has accused Russia of ignoring the EU’s debate on European security

“Apart from Ukraine, the entire European security architecture is at stake. The Russian government, by deliberately removing references to the EU from the “draft treaties” presented last December, appears to be turning the clock back and back to the old logic of the Cold War, “Borrell wrote on his blog on Sunday. “We need to … Read more

After Hoeyberghs conviction: are we having the wrong debate?

Plastic surgeon Jeff Hoeyberghs was convicted last week for misogynistic statements he made during a lecture two years ago. The ruling sparks debate about the boundary between sexism and free speech. But is that really the discussion we need to have today? Domestic journalist Stijn Cools explains more about the case, journalist of the weekly … Read more

Nude photos, pubic hair and censorship: Why invite nudist debate?

Annebella Pollen The Conversation* January 8, 2022 Image source, Getty Images I see naked bodies all the time in my work. Art history is full of them – painted, sculpted, and photographed – and they dot the walls of galleries and museums. I stood before them, projected on the screen, as I lectured on the … Read more

The Size of the Earth, and the Continuing Enlargement of the Size Debate

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — How wide the size of the Earth is still a big question for some people. Moreover, some reports say the size of the Earth is getting bigger. Earth is the third planet from the Sun, as well as the fifth largest of the eight planets in the solar system. Earth is … Read more