“Barca” – “Žalgiris” match figures: R.Miniotas’ debut, “empty” A.Milaknis and shining R.Jokubaitis

Kaunas “Žalgiris” scored another defeat in the Euroleague and did not stand up to Barcelona’s “Barcelona” team in Catalonia. Traditionally, we provide match numbers. – Žalgiris scored 73 points, at least since the meeting with the ALBA in Berlin (71). – 56 percent. colon accuracy for Žalgiris third best of the season. – 61 percent. … Read more

In the debut match of Maksvytis at the helm of the national team – a crushing victory

The excitement and lack of communication between the Lithuanians allowed the Bulgarians to shoot forward 4:11 at the beginning of the duel, but then the three-pointers of K. Maksvytis held an incredible 25-0 and led 29:11 at the beginning of the second quarter. Until the big break, the Bulgarians were rescued by Pavlin Ivanov, who … Read more

A prototype of a Mercedes-Benz electric car capable of traveling 1,000 km on a single charge, to debut in January

Automakers have long chosen the CES electronics show in Las Vegas, which traditionally takes place in early January, even if circumstances force them to switch to a virtual format. As representatives of the Mercedes-Benz brand explained, the long-awaited concept VISION EQXX, which is the prototype of an electric car with a power reserve of 1000 … Read more

Samsung launches Expert Raw, a professional photography app on the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung The famous smartphone brand from South Korea has launched ‘Expert Raw’, a professional photography app that saves high-quality photos in RAW format on smartphones. Galaxy S21 Ultra Expert Raw Apps that help Galaxy S21 Ultra Support freely adjust shooting settings such as brightness, focus distance, shutter speed, white balance, highlights, shadows, or saturation. and … Read more

From delivery to sending a wave to the Internet ─ Messias’ 30-year-old Europa League debut | Football Storytelling

Played as an amateur delivery at the age of 24, played in Italy at the age of 25, played in Serie C at the age of 27, played in Serie A at the age of 29, and played in Europa League at the age of 30. The rise of geometric progression, is the hero’s twilight? … Read more

The debut match for Kazius Maksvytis is mostly successful

The 44-year-old specialist is still best known as the husband of the golden generation (boys born in 1992). trainer. With this national team, Maksvytis won all possible titles of the youth championships, reminds the Lithuanian Basketball Federation (LKF). Understand in an instant: K. Maksvytis titles in youth basketball Champion of the European Olympic Youth Festival … Read more

“Seven Knights 2” ushered in the first update, the new legendary hero “Crimson Sword Rain Kreil” debut | 4Gamers

The RPG mobile game “Seven Knights 2” ushered in its first update, with the addition of new legendary hero “Crimson Sword Rain Kleier” and “Guild War”. Players are welcome to prepare for new challenges. Players can use the newly added legendary hero-“Crimson Sword Rain Kleil” to fight against more powerful enemies. The costume of “Teacher … Read more

The debut match for Maksvytis is usually successful

The 44-year-old specialist is still best known as the husband of the golden generation (boys born in 1992). trainer. With her, K. Maksvytis won all possible titles of the youth championships. Champion of the European Olympic Youth Festival (2007)FIBA U-16 European Champion (2008)FIBA U-18 European Champion (2010)FIBA U-19 World Champion (2011)FIBA U-20 European Champion (2012) … Read more

Aster Vranckx confides on his dream debut in Germany: “I hadn’t expected everything to go so fast”

Aster Vranckx is the Belgian sensation at the start of the season in Germany. Meet. His first tenure for Wolfsburg, he experienced it in the Champions League last month. Since then, everything has rushed for Aster Vranckx. The 19-year-old Belgian won unexpectedly in the midfield of the Wolves. Before his match against Sevilla tonight, we … Read more

Jurassic World Evolution 2 doesn’t have a good debut on PC, but the authors think it’s just a bump

Frontier Developments has lowered its estimates for the end of the fiscal year due to sales of the game on PC. Jurassic World Evolution 2 is the perfect game for all those people who love management in video games and dinosaurs in movies. But, even though the different trailers of this installment attracted the attention … Read more