Still hardens his speech: “We are going to make important decisions that are necessary”

Edward Still adopted a more direct tone after the defeat at Antwerp. Some players might take a turn on the bench. It did not take many hours to take stock of this day without, in Antwerp. The problem is that off days have multiplied in recent weeks. When this kind of behavior increases, the crisis … Read more

Soulless Carolos against Antwerp: “We will have to make strong and necessary decisions”

A desperate defense and a breakdown of inspiration penalized soulless Carolos who deserved no better. If the Charleroi season were to have to be played in January, as Edward Still expressed it a few days ago, things are off to a bad start. Sporting, despite ten good first minutes, sank at Bosuil and missed a … Read more

“Politicians try to play with antivaksxis”; the epidemiologist is puzzled by government decisions

The decision of the Latvian government, which will allow people who have been vaccinated but have not received a maintenance vaccine against Covid-19 to work in person, causes confusion, said Liliāna Civjāne, an associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Latvia, in an interview with the magazine Ir. “I’m very worried … Read more

Cuban debuts at Villa:I have known Gerrard for a long time and made decisions because of him – yqqlm

Original title: Kubird debuts at Villa: I have known Gerrard for a long time and made decisions because of him On January 12, Beijing time, the Premier League Aston Villa officially gave Coutinho’s joining photo and commented: “He is here, and he is perfect…” Coutinho joined on loan from Barcelona. The Brazil international turned down … Read more

Italian League: Left by Chiesa, Juventus Will Take Big Decisions

The bad news was experienced by the Italian League giants, Juventus where the club nicknamed I Bianconeri had to lose Federico Chiesa until the end of the season. INDOSPORT.COM – Bad news for giants Italian League, Juventus. The club nicknamed I Bianconeri had to lose Federico Chiesa until the end of the season. Chiesa’s injury … Read more

News 24 | Jawazat issues 10.7 thousand administrative decisions against violating citizens and residents during Jumada Al-Awwal

The General Directorate of Passports, through its administrative committees in the various regions passport departments, issued 10.7 thousand administrative decisions during the month of Jumada Al-Ula (1443 AH) against citizens and residents for violating the residency, work and border security regulations. The directorate explained that the penalties ranged between imprisonment, a fine and deportation, calling … Read more

Tramontana: ‘Calhanoglu skips Lazio, Inter penalized. Italian football in chaos, who makes the decisions? ‘ | First page

Open stadiums, closed stadiums, some matches postponed by the ASL for positivity, others instead played despite everything at the behest of other ASLs, teams that show up on the road even knowing that they will not play and sports judges who do not assign an automatic 3-0 at the table to whom he showed up … Read more

FM: Future developments in industry will be affected by energy prices and government decisions – BNN

Future developments in Latvian industry will be affected by the situation with energy prices and possible government decisions to improve the situation. In the case of the rapid spread of the new Covid-19 omicron, a decrease in the demand for industrial goods is also possible, the Ministry of Finance notes. However, demand for goods is … Read more

Inflation specter is already costing cities and municipalities 300 million euros: Bart Somers asks fellow ministers not to make decisions that cost municipalities extra money

© BELGA Inflation will cost the cities and municipalities almost 300 million euros extra this year and next. A sacrifice for local authorities, which are not having an easy time financially anyway. The Flemish Association of Cities and Municipalities (VVSG) does not rule out the possibility that some municipalities will have to save or cut … Read more

The 5 wisest signs of the zodiac, who know how to make the right decisions

Wisdom is a quality that enables good decisions to be made and we gain it with experience and life lessons. Some people seem wiser than others, and astrologers say the zodiac sign may influence this personality trait. If you are one of these five zodiac signs, you might be wiser than average! Wise people take … Read more