Met Gala 2023, the best fashion to decorate the red carpet –

Janelle Monae at the Met Gala/Andrew Kelly/Reuters 2023.05.02 Tue posted at 18:33 JST The Met Gala is back again this year on the first Monday of May. Celebrities celebrated fashion’s most glittering night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) in New York City. Whereas last year’s theme focused on the luxury of a gilded … Read more

Decorate your bathroom with stylish accessories – News

Modern bathroom interiors are timeless and minimalist. Among materials resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, soft ceramics with a soft touch surface, pleasant wood such as teak, bamboo or cool and elegant stainless steel and chrome-plated metal dominate. General tuning rules Most people like bathrooms in which light shades prevail. White, silver gray, light … Read more

Algeria.. Ancient artistic rhythms decorate Ramadan nights

Since the second week of the month of Ramadan, Algeria has begun organizing artistic evenings that take the audience back to the original time through ancient musical genres represented by folk and Andalusian art, which are still very popular in the country. Ramadan evenings these days in Algeria stand on ancient artistic rhythms that attract … Read more

The real Grasshopper Chollada Saipay bought a house for the manager, ready to decorate, fully furnished, price 5 million!

Grasshopper Chalada gave a special gift to a personal manager. Buy a large detached house Complete with decorations worth more than 5 million baht to emphasize more than the boss and his subordinates. We are one family Image from Instagram takkatan_chollada During the 2023 New Year’s party, the famous luk thung singer, Grasshopper Chollada, asked … Read more

Get to know the Sea Lilies that Decorate the Indonesian Ocean

One of the most ancient sea creatures feather stars on Moreton Island, Australia ( Dive) Those of you who like to dive and enjoy the underwater beauty may be familiar with this one creature. They look like lilies with long petals waving with the ocean currents. Did you know that they are actually animals, not … Read more

Virga Jessefeesten are inspired to decorate the city center by students of Interior Architecture from UHasselt

“The stool can serve as a seating element, but if you stack the stools on top of each other, they form the letter H, for example,” Lauwers continues. “If you stack again in a different way, you can form the letter A and that way you can make the complete word HASSELT, but the stools … Read more

Decorate your living room with the Nordic furniture from Lidl that sweeps sales

decorate with shelves It has become a trend, and precisely for this reason Lidl It has the most succulent options. They are beautiful and also allow us to place whatever we want on them. We can use them both to decorate with books, place a vase, place a basket, store what you want in it, … Read more

Is it a sin or haram to celebrate New Year’s Eve, can Muslims celebrate New Year’s? Is it permissible or a sin to decorate a pine tree? A statement came from Diyanet for the ‘New Year’s celebration’! – Gallery

On the other hand, “December 23, 2022” published by DiyanetLet’s Protect the Values ‚Äč‚ÄčThat Make Us Who We Are” The Friday Sermon on the theme included important statements about the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Here is the full text of that sermon. Dear Muslims! The goal of our supreme religion, Islam, is to build a … Read more

What are the major astronomical phenomena that will decorate the night sky in 2023?

Send SNS articles Send article to Facebook Send article to Twitter Send articles to Naver Band Send articles to Naver Blog Send articles to Pinterest Copy URL Send article to Find another share Quadrantid meteor shower (January 4, 2017) Source = Photographed by Jeon Young-beom, senior researcher at the Korea Astronomical Research Institute What astronomical … Read more

Meteor Shower Phenomena That Will Decorate the Sky of Indonesia Throughout 2023

JAKARTA – As in previous years, in 2023 a number of astronomical phenomena will color the skies of Indonesia. One of them is the meteor shower phenomenon which generally attracts many people to be able to witness it. In 2023, there will be at least 43 meteor showers that will occur in Indonesia. However, not … Read more