Putin amends decree on levels of terrorist threat

In Russia, inspection of cars is introduced in regions with a “yellow” (high) level of terrorist threat. The corresponding decree was signed by President Vladimir Putin. The changes were introduced as part of the amendments to the decree of 2012 “On the procedure for establishing levels of terrorist threat.” From now on, the authorities of … Read more

mysterious!13 days after the police received the decree from the Buddha, they were killed by a drugged driver- Society

A policeman from the Changhua County Police Department received an order from the Immortal Buddha to deal with “funeral events”, and he should not enter the temple to worship. Unexpectedly, on the second day of the Lunar New Year, Gao Weilun, a policeman from the Changhua Police Station, was chased and killed by a drugged … Read more

Ex Ilva, the speech of CEO Morselli in the Senate to expand the Salva-steelmill decree: he wants to extend the protections for Mittal and production

In the passages in which it gives strength to the public shareholder, Invitalia defines it unconstitutionalwhen instead it is a question of preserving ArcelorMittal and the production of the steel mill wants guarantees even more extensive. on “criminal shield” which protects itself and the other managers, however, not even a word. That must feel like … Read more

Ukraine, definitive go-ahead to the decree on Italian weapons in Kiev: only M5s, Verdi-Left and Ciani of the Democratic Party are against

The Camera approves the Ukrainian decree, which extends until December 31, 2023 sending Italian weapons to Kiev. The definitive go-ahead to the text came with 215 votes please and 46 against: Action-Italy Viva and the Pd they voted with the center-right majority, with the exception of the dem deputy Paul Ciani. The only ones to … Read more

Putin Issues New Decree to Weaken US Cs, Here’s the Contents

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree allowing certain companies to ignore shareholder votes from what he deems ‘unfriendly’ countries when making corporate decisions. Reported Russia TodayWednesday (18/1/2023), the document, which was published online online on the legal information portal, will apply to companies in the energy, mechanical engineering and trade … Read more

Petrol station strike frozen, waiting for the decree – Economy

A truce is triggered between the government and the petrol stations and the strike called for 25 and 26 January, already published on the guarantor’s website, for now it remains frozen. To revoke it, the pump managers first want to see the text of the fuel transparency decree which, among other things, should oblige them … Read more

Gasoline, Meloni backs down (half) 48 hours after the decree: discounts on excise duties if the price increases

The government’s first half step back on excise duties, just 48 hours after the transparency decree on fuels. After the controversy surrounding the stop to discounts and faced with fuel price increases, the executive meeting in the Council of Ministers modified the text and established that there will be a cut in excise dutiesif the … Read more

Index – Home – The Hungarian government has decided: the rules for firing teachers have been rewritten

The essence of this is that, citing the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, they regulate the dismissal of public employees working in schools, and at the same time, it makes it easier to fire teachers involved in civil disobedience with an extraordinary exemption or immediate termination. From now on, the employer will not have 15 days to fire … Read more

Meloni government decree: Lufthansa will probably take over airline ITA

Decree of Meloni government Lufthansa will probably take over airline ITA 01/10/2023, 09:50 am Lufthansa is once again trying to secure Alitalia’s successor. According to a media report, a decree by the Italian government now indicates that the German group will be awarded the contract this time. After years of takeover rumors, the time has … Read more

Rave decree, all the news related to Covid: from No vax doctors to the Green Pass

7/8 ©IPA/Fotogramma NO GREEN PASS FOR HEALTHCARE FACILITIES – In the decree also present therepeal of the measures which allowed access to residential, social welfare, social health and hospice facilities as well as in the hospital wards of hospital structures, as visitors or companions, only to people with green passes