Decree n ° 80-627 of August 4, 1980 relating to the special status of teachers of physical education and sports.

I.-Can take the external competition: 1 ° Applicants proving that they hold a license in science and technology for physical and sporting activities or a title or diploma recognized as equivalent by the Minister responsible for education, and that they are enrolled in the first year of studies in with a view to obtaining a … Read more

The promoters fear that the anti-eviction decree “encourages the occupation”

The controversy that has so far surrounded the new anti-eviction decree of the central government will go far beyond the public disagreements between the members of the Council of Ministers about its content. The Association of Real Estate Promoters of the Region of Murcia (Apirm) denigrates the rule because it considers that it creates legal … Read more

Madrid will process a decree to raise educational concerts to ten years

Madrid, Dec 15 (EFE) .- The Governing Council of the Community of Madrid is going to process tomorrow, Wednesday, a decree to increase the duration of educational concerts in the region from six to ten years. The regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has advanced this after the signing of a general protocol of action with … Read more

Trump Signs Decree to “Prioritize” Vaccines for the US; Biden asks Congress to act

Update with announcements from Trump and Biden /// Washington, Dec 8 2020 (AFP) – The president of the United States, Donald Trump, signed a decree on Tuesday to “prioritize” the supply of covid-19 vaccines to Americans, President-elect Joe Biden called on Congress to quickly reach a financial agreement to avoid vaccination delays.During a “vaccine summit” … Read more

Greece expects the European Council to decree sanctions against Turkey

Athens, Dec 9 (EFE) .- Greece hopes that the European Union (EU) summit this Thursday and Friday will produce a clear list of sanctions against Turkey, in view of the fact that the Government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan has not complied with the demand to stop provocations in waters that Cyprus and Greece consider to … Read more

Donald Trump signed a decree so that US citizens “have the priority to receive American vaccines” against the coronavirus

Donald Trump (EFE)President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday to ensure that the priority access COVID-19 vaccines purchased by the government be granted to the americans, before working with international partners for distribution. The text, which Trump signed in front of the cameras during a “Vaccine summit” at the White House was not immediately … Read more

Trump launches decree to prioritize the US with vaccines – World

Washington. US President Donald Trump announced a decree Tuesday “to ensure that American citizens have the priority to receive American vaccines.” The text, which Trump signed in front of the cameras during a “vaccine summit” at the White House, was not immediately made public. It is not clear how this would be applied given that … Read more

Trump to sign vaccine decree after supply questions

First modification: 08/12/2020 – 19:34Last modification: 08/12/2020 – 19:32 Washington (AFP) US President Donald Trump plans to issue a decree on Tuesday to grant Americans priority access to certain covid-19 vaccines, following questions about whether the White House missed the opportunity to secure enough doses for the coming months. President-elect Joe Biden will announce his … Read more

50 years of fundamental decree on sex education! | Sexual Education Platform, November 23, 2020

PSB: Sex education in schools turns 50 and is now made more difficult by the pandemic Vienna (OTS) – The Sexual Education Platform celebrates the 50th anniversary of sex education as a teaching principle. On November 24, 1970, the Federal Ministry for Education and the Arts published the decree “Sex Education in Schools” (circular no. … Read more

Article 5 – Decree of October 27, 2020 granting the State guarantee to the Banque Populaire Occitane and Crédit Lyonnais establishments for loans granted to the company Brown Europe in application of article 6 of Law n ° 2020-289 of March 23 2020 corrective finances for 2020

The State guarantee mentioned in article 1 of this decree, covering 80% of the amount of the principal, interest and accessories remaining due from each of the receivables until the maturity of the loans, except when called upon before during a credit event, is limited, remunerated and called in accordance with the provisions of articles … Read more