Cande Ruggeri dedicated a spicy “like” to Cachete Sierra on Twitter: “Very boring”

Cande Ruggeri and Agustín “Cachete” Sierra they lived a romance long ago and although today both are in a couple, she was hurt by how he would have behaved towards the end of the relationship. In this context, always attentive to the comments that users of Twitter do about their performances in The Academy of … Read more

A special edition of “Si on s’aimait” dedicated to couples in difficulty

The docu-reality “Si on s’aimait” will offer a special edition focusing on couples in difficulty next year. We will therefore change the formula on this occasion, the sexologist Louise Sigouin usually following people who aspire to find a soul mate, as we see in the third season currently broadcast on TVA. For this special edition, … Read more

Jomari Goyso shares heartbreaking message dedicated to the love of her life

Jomari Goyso. Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent Jomari Goyso shares heartbreaking message dedicated to the love of her life: her grandmother Rosalía, who today, the one at the end of ‘Our Latin Beauty’, celebrates a new mourning anniversary. “A day like today you left! I keep crying you like it was yesterday when I held you … Read more

‘Kremerata Baltica’ will perform in Cēsis with a program dedicated to Astor Pjacolla

On Saturday, November 20, violinist Gidon Kremer and his orchestra will perform in Vidzeme Concert Hall “Cesis”Kremerata Baltica“the latest program dedicated to the centenary Astor Piacoll. Content will continue after the ad Advertising According to the representatives of the concert hall “Delfi”, the orchestra will be joined by vibrophonist Andrejs Pushkarevs and the orchestra’s resident … Read more

Concert dedicated to the 85th birthday of composer Paul Dambis will be performed at the Riga Latvian Society / Day

The first part of the concert will feature music by L. Amoliņš, S. Mence, I. Breģe, and the second part will feature works by Paul Dambis. Participation in the concert will be accepted Symphony Riga string quartet, singer Ieva Parša and pianist Aldis Liepiņš. Paul Dambis is known to a wide audience as an outstanding … Read more

Show strong spirits! “Min Peeya” dedicated to acting, carefree, beautiful, making a bald effect. with a gang of friends

Thursday, November 11, 2021, 11:30 a.m. It’s getting closer and closer to seeing each other for a heartwarming movie that will make every heart smile. In which the film will tell the story of young lettuce, a young lady, whose life pushes together to find things that are broken at the same time, whether they … Read more

World, crafting and battles – a fresh TES Online trailer dedicated to all the delights of the game

Authors The Elder Scrolls Online published a fresh 9-minute trailer, which told about all the delights and possibilities of the game. The video is an introductory video covering all aspects of the MMO, including: Large-scale world, free to explore; Deep process of character creation and development – ideal for any roleplaying; Various PvP; Crafting, which … Read more

Barbie Vélez dedicated a roguish compliment to Lucas Rodríguez: “With a colt”

One month after marrying Lucas Rodriguez and after a spectacular honeymoon, Barbie vélez from time to time gives hints of how is your new married life in Buenos Aires. After revealing that her husband, who still maintains a very low profile, is a theater producer, the daughter of Nazarena Velez shared a selfie with him … Read more

Juana Repetto dedicated a moving post to her children: “The most beautiful thing that happened to me in life”

Immensely happy and grateful for the assembled family he formed with Sebastián Graviotto, Juana Repetto tenderly referred to their children after dedicating in Instagram a tender post to her husband. After thanking Sebastián for joining his family, the mother of Toribio, his firstborn, and of Belisarius, your baby with your partner, He shared the most … Read more

TRACE launches new original programs dedicated to Afro-Urban Trends and Talents on Trace Urban

Trace, a global platform dedicated to Afro-urban cultures and the success of young people, has just announced the broadcast of new television programs for its TRACE Urban channel. These contents will all be original Trace creations. These new programs are dedicated to Afro-urban trends, the promotion of talents of all origins and the empowerment of … Read more