“The music is over …”: Martín Urrieta reveals that a famous singer is plunged into a deep depression due to the pandemic

MEXICO -. Diego Ramón Jiménez Salazar, known as’Diego the Cigala‘, his friend the Mexican composer is extremely concerned Martin Urrieta, after due to the pandemic he has lost the will to live, so he shared in an interview Windowing, to whom he revealed that the artist had expressed “that the music was dead.” “The music … Read more

How to know if your mole is skin cancer

I remember a funny scene from the series ‘Seinfeld’ in which the protagonist is having dinner with a dermatologist and accuses her that dermatologists only dedicate themselves to seeing “pimples”. At that moment a patient approaches the doctor and says: “Doctor, you saved my life. He diagnosed me with skin cancer in time.” Biography Dr. … Read more

Deep Purple keyboardist Don Airey reveals he played bass on “Painkiller”

Don Airey must be one of the most prestigious keyboardists in the world of music. After beginning his career in the progressive band Colloseum II in 1975, he was part of numerous projects and sessions. Among their collaborations, we can find “Blizzard of Ozz ”by Ozzy Osbourne, live performances with Rainbow, and numerous album contributions … Read more

Deep Rock Galactic receives new types of missions via update, among much more content

Deep Rock Galactic has long been present in the Xbox One catalog, as it came through Xbox Game Preview. Once this period was over and the final product was accessible, the studio’s job has been to keep the community active with lots of content. This cooperative first-person shooter takes players on different missions underground. Deep … Read more

President Piñera condemns “events of the Pío Nono bridge” and gives “deep support” to Carabineros

President Sebastián Piñera condemned and regretted “the events of the Pío Nono Bridge”, expressing his solidarity and support for the family of the affected minor under 16. “I want to express our deepest condemnation and regret the events that occurred, because human life and the dignity of people is an essential value, for that reason … Read more

The IACHR observes with ‘deep consternation’ the difficulties reported in Guayaquil for the handling of corpses during the COVID-19 pandemic | Ecuador | News

Quito – The International Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) notes that it observes with deep consternation the difficulties reported in Guayaquil to move, cremate and bury the bodies of people who have died during the COVID-19 pandemic. The inter-American body adds that it “takes note of the inter-ministerial agreement that establishes the protocol for the … Read more

Piñera and reform to Carabineros: “Part with a change and a deep restructuring” – National

This Friday morning, the President Sebastián Piñera received in La Moneda the National Commission for the Reform of Carabineros, in order to study and accelerate the changes that said police institution requires. After the appointment, the President assured that it is a reform “that starts with a change and a profound restructuring, with many purposes.” … Read more

Piñera expresses his “deep support” for the Carabineros but condemns “attacks on human rights” | National

President Sebastian Piñera He spoke to the press on Tuesday afternoon, after meeting with representatives of the other two powers of the State, in a conversation where they would have discussed the situation in the country and the holding of the plebiscite on October 25. Piñera regretted what happened on the Pío Nono bridge last … Read more

Piñera: “On October 25 the voice of the people will be heard loud and deep”

He President Sebastián Piñera promulgated this Tuesday the “Safe Plebiscite” law, what grants greater powers to the Electoral Service (Servel) to be able to carry out the constituent consultation on October 25 under greater sanitary measures, due to the pandemic.The President was accompanied by the Ministers of the Interior, Víctor Perez; the Secretary General of … Read more