Give a Moral Shot, Zelensky Visits the Defense Front in Donetsk

loading… Give a Moral Shot, Zelensky Visits the Defense Front in Donetsk. PHOTO/Reuters KIEV – President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday (6/12/2022) visited the Donetsk defense line in Ukraine east. He described fighting in the area as “difficult”, with troops Russia who seek to take over the industrial city of Bakhmut. Zelensky appears in a video … Read more

Estonia acquires advanced rocket artillery system –

The agreement is worth more than NOK 1.9 billion and includes missiles, ammunition and training. The range of the rockets is between 70 and 300 kilometres. The first delivery from the manufacturer Lockheed Martin will take place in 2024. This is the largest arms procurement in Estoniaever. The other two Baltic countries, Latvia and Lithuania, … Read more

Angle: Russians evacuated to Georgia do not rush to return home after mobilization | Reuters

TBILISI (Reuters) – A month has passed since Russia announced the completion of the partial mobilization of its troops to invade Ukraine. But many Russian men who fled to neighboring Georgia to escape the call-up say they are in no hurry to return home. On November 28, one month after Russia announced the completion of … Read more

This is Russia’s Nuclear Capable Missile to Drain Ukraine’s Defense Systems

loading… Ukraine’s military displays fragments of a nuclear-capable X-55 cruise missile fired by Russia. Photo/REUTERS KIEV – The Kiev military on Thursday displayed fragments of a fired X-55 nuclear-capable cruise missile Russia is Ukraine . According to Kiev, the Soviet-made missile was only equipped with a non-explosive warhead when fired by Moscow troops with the … Read more

State Defense Council asks the court to replace the instructions for rural parcels and alert for environmental damage

After more than four months, the 7th Civil Court of Santiago took a precautionary measure and temporarily suspended the instructions of the Ministry of Agriculture through which it ordered the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) to stop authorizing subdivisions that could be for real estate purposes. With this, the court opened a lawsuit between the … Read more

Two Chinese bombers and six Russian aircraft raided the Japan and South Korea Air Defense Identification Zones

Two Chinese bombers and six Russian aircraft raided the Japanese and South Korean Air Defense Identification Zones. (Reuters) South Korean and Japanese military authorities said Wednesday that several Chinese and Russian aircraft entered their respective Air Defense Identification Zones (ADIZ) without notifying it, which forced the preventive deployment of fighter planes. These movements, which in … Read more

The man who was Minister of Defense for only 28 days, hurt Open VLD viciously through the ramshackle budget

Sander Loones (N-VA). — © BELGIUM Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) today looks his toughest opponent in the eye during the budget debate. N-VA Member of Parliament Sander Loones managed to hurt the prime minister and his entire Open VLD party viciously by pointing out errors in the budget. It can be. Prior … Read more

The defense of La Polar: The documents that would demonstrate the originality of the garments | bbcl_research

The sale of brand clothing accessible to all is the basis of the business of North American department stores such as T-Maxx, Marshalls and Ross. They buy the products that the big brands ask different factories to make but that ultimately do not sell them, either in their stores or in the warehouses of the … Read more

The commander of Brigade Nord cannot imagine an army without tanks

– I register that the government has decided to proceed with the acquisition of tanks. Beyond that, I have no comments. It is not my job to comment on this, says Brigade Commander Berglund Aftenposten. But he admits that he was surprised that Chief of Defense Eirik Kristoffersen advised against buying new tanks. If this … Read more