DeFi Special: Loans anonymous and for everyone? – This is how coin lending platforms work

display from, January 17th, 2021, 6:23 pm In today’s part of our weekly DeFi Special, we’ll be delving into one of the fastest growing areas of DeFi and even the entire crypto ecosystem: what is known as coin lending. Here you can find out how you too can benefit from it … One of … Read more

Join the Best Innovative DeFi Project: Massive Bonus on YFE Token Pre-Sale

The last two years have shown a sharp increase in the popularity of decentralized finance. And that’s not surprising, because it gives people a lot of benefits, from the ability to make transfers without a bank account, to the lack of a centralized third party. Up to 1.7 billion people do not have access to … Read more

DeFi Merchant Raises Over $ 20 Million In 1 INCH Christmas Token Airdrop –

On Christmas Day, the 1inch decentralized exchange aggregation service launched its governance and utility token. As part of the launch, the platform released 90 million 1-INCH tokens to users who had previously traded on the exchange. According to data from on-chain analytics provider Dune, the largest recipient of the free token distribution received 9,749,686,003 tokens … Read more

News: Starting signal for the DeFi boom!

In addition to the brilliant revival of cryptocurrencies, “DeFi” (Decentralized Finance) 2020 is the hottest topic in the global crypto community. DeFi applications should one day replace traditional banks as a completely new and decentralized financial ecosystem. Many of the classic financial products will in future also be available as “DApp” (DeFi app); And that … Read more

DeFi project insurance protocol to vote to cover part of Pickle Finance’s losses

In what could be an important step towards the maturation of the decentralized insurance space, Yesterday a claim was filed with the insurance protocol for DeFi projects, Cover, after the hack of USD 19 million in Dai of Pickle Finance, and so far, most users want to see compensation. According to the claim on Cover’s … Read more

DeFi loans exceed 3 billion

DeFi protocol loans have managed to exceed US $ 3 billion. The unpaid amount comes from Aave, Compound and MakerDAO, distributing huge sums of money. The number of loans granted accelerated in a few months. DeFi loans exceed 3 billion DeFi protocol loans have managed to exceed US $ 3 billion. The unpaid amount comes … Read more

Another day, another defi flash loan ‘hack’: $ 7 + million lost

Starting Tuesday, the Origin protocol becomes one more victim of flash loan hack. This has resulted in a loss of funds in excess of $ 7 million, including funds deposited by the founders. The attack was due to a reentry error. the Blog set, “Unfortunately, our contract was safe from re-entry errors unless one of … Read more

Value DeFi loses $ 6 million in “flash loan exploit”

The DeFi project Value DeFi is the victim of a so-called “flash loan exploit” become, which caused damage of almost 6 million US dollars. The attacker in question used two “flash loans” from other DeFi projects in order to use them to use the exchange rate differences at Value DeFi to their own advantage. So … Read more

Value DeFi, the decentralized protocol suffers a hack and loses 5.4 million dollars – Cryptotrends

Bad news for the DeFi industry: the Value DeFi protocol suffered an attack this morning where $ 5.4 million in DAI was stolen On Saturday morning, Value DeFi, the decentralized financial performance protocol, was hacked and lost $ 7.4 million through the stablecoin DAI. Through Twitter, Value DeFi reported the attack on its protocol: The … Read more