two and a half days to delete the messages, several new features – La Nouvelle Tribune

The messaging application WhatsApp continues with the various modifications on its platform. Indeed, it is now possible to delete a message that is two days and twelve hours old. Since October 2017, the option would only be possible for messages that had been seven minutes or less on WhatsApp. The update does not allow all … Read more

The only movie that Ruby regrets and suffers because of it until today.. She hates hearing his name and wishes to delete it (you won’t believe what happened behind the scenes)

2022/08/07 It’s 03:10 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist, Ruby, revealed during her meeting with the media, Mona El-Shazly, on the “With You, Mona El-Shazly” program, on the “cbc” channel, about the film that she regretted presenting during her career. Ruby said that she regretted participating in the movie “Pharaoh’s Campaign”, following up: … Read more

Latest WhatsApp Features Allow Admin Delete Messages for Everyone, Jakarta – A new WhatsApp feature will allow group admins to delete messages for everyone. This new feature is currently in beta update testing phase, before it will be rolled out in a future update for Android users. WhatsApp is working on a new feature in the WhatsApp beta update for Android, which will … Read more

WhatsApp group admins can now delete group messages

Beeld: Alexander Shatov / Unsplash If inappropriate messages are placed in WhatsApp group conversations, administrators can now delete them. The feature is now being tested in WhatsApp beta. Moderation options in group conversations on WhatsApp are very limited. Only the authors of posts can delete a post. So if inappropriate messages appear in a group … Read more

WhatsApp will allow group administrators to delete messages for all members in the future | Technology | Mobile | Android | iOS | SPORT-PLAY

WhatsApp It has become a widely used work tool during the pandemic. Several workers and companies had to move their activities to a digital version and used the groups in this application to be able to maintain contact. At the end of 2021, the company reported that they are working on a moderation tool; however, … Read more

Learn the story of the only scene.. which leader Adel Imam regretted throughout his artistic career and wishes to delete it to ease his conscience.!! (shocking details)

Al-Zaim was born in the village of Shaha, the center of Mansoura, in Dakahlia Governorate, and moved to the Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood when he was young, where his father was an employee in a government factory and lived his childhood and youth there, then he obtained a bachelor’s degree in agriculture at Cairo University. Adel … Read more

The feature to edit and delete messages from iMessage arrives with the iOS 16 update

Apple has added a new feature to the new iPhone operating system iOS 16, the feature for its iMessage chat app, which would allow you to edit or unsend a text message sent through the app. According to Reports News, the new Apple feature, allows users of the iMessage application on iPhone phones, to edit … Read more

Here are the correct steps to delete your files from any hard disk – Moroccan depth

Deleting files from CDs is a matter that people turn to for various considerations, some of which are security related to protecting their private data, and others are functional related to getting rid of files they no longer need. But the deletion process that people usually do does not permanently delete files from CDs, and … Read more