Lavrov “slipped” while squandering accusations – DELFI

The head of Russian diplomacy used the word “war” during a press conference in Moscow, where he also accused US and NATO military intelligence of being directly involved in this war. “Regarding Ukraine, we took action not because we don’t like (Ukrainian President Volodymyr) Zelensky or because he stopped acting in KVN (a Russian-former Soviet … Read more

[Delfi trumpai] The Finnish army released a photo of the exercise: how many soldiers do you see?

Soldiers dressed in winter-colored uniforms are surprisingly difficult to spot in the winter landscape. How many pioneers do you see in the picture? #army #contio22 #pioneer — Maavoimat (@Maavoimat) November 28, 2022 Twitter users speculated that the number of soldiers could be between three and eight. We present below Finnish army published answer. Four … Read more

Oil prices continue to decrease – DELFI

World oil prices on Monday fell by more than a dollar in response to weaker-than-expected Chinese manufacturing data and concerns that the growing number of Covid-19 cases will reduce demand, Reuters writes. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “Brent” price decreased by 1.10 dollars or 1.2% to 94.67 dollars per barrel. On Friday, the … Read more

Russia’s revenge for Israel – DELFI

Cyber ​​security specialists successfully countered an attack by Russian hackers on the Knesset website, but the portal was unavailable for some time. MPs also had problems – they could not access their working e-mail for some time. mail accounts. The attack was carried out by the hacker group Killnet, which is believed to be close … Read more

Peskov: the “truth” would surprise the Europeans – DELFI

Moscow has been hinting for weeks that its intelligence has a different version of the cause of the explosions in September, and some Western countries are calling it sabotage and pointing the finger at Russia. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow is “working intensively” to be included in the international investigation, which Russia has previously … Read more

Kazakhstan fought back against furious Russia – DELFI

Moscow is said to have been enraged by Mr Vrubliovski’s comments about Russia in August. The ambassador then stated in an interview with a blogger that “the more Russians we kill, the less our children will have to kill.” On Tuesday, the press representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zacharova stated … Read more

Latvians punished those who were pro-Russian – DELFI

Latvian Prime Minister Krišjanis Karinis, a fierce critic of Vladimir Putin, won a decisive victory in a general election in which voters punished a party backed by ethnic Russians. Strengthened by determined opposition to the Russian president’s invasion of Ukraine, Only subscribers can read the entire article By becoming a subscriber, you support independent authors … Read more