There may be 3 models of domestic medium-sized RVs left! Ford Focus four-door Taiwan delisting probability is high

It used to be the most important domestically-made medium-sized RV in Taiwan with the highest proportion of sales. The rise of SUVs and the launch of cross-border SUVs have caused the market for domestic medium-sized RVs to decline. The Ford Focus facelift is expected to be the first Its four-door model may be abdicated in … Read more

Sonae already owns more than 90% of Sonaecom and may move towards delisting it – Bolsa

Sonae informed the capital market regulator, this Friday, that it already owns 90.081% of Sonaecom. Remember that Sonae announced on Wednesday, a Public Offer for Acquisition (OPA) on the part of Sonaecom’s capital that it still does not control, with the objective of the “holding” led by Cláudia Azevedo to delist Sonaecom from the stock … Read more

The Fate of Issuers Threatened with Delisting Is Called Worrying, This Is the Cause

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Center of Economic and Law Studies (Celios) researcher Muhammad Andri Perdana named four potential issuers delisting from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)—POSA, JKSW, LCGP, SRIL—are worrying. Not only because of the Asabri and Jiwasraya cases that dragged POSA, JKSW, and LCGP, but also because of the fundamental conditions of each company. “POSA … Read more

Jaguar Land Rover owner announces delisting from US exchanges in January 2023

India’s Tata Motors will delist U.S. depositary shares in January 2023. The carmaker will leave the New York Stock Exchange almost 18 years after receiving a listing The Jaguar logo of Jaguar Land Rover. Since 2008, the brand has been owned by the Indian Tata Motors. (Photo: Vivek Prakash / Reuters) Automotive concern Tata Motors, … Read more

Alibaba shares fell on reports of a possible delisting from the New York Stock Exchange | Business

At the beginning of the trading session, the company’s share price fell by more than 5 percent. to its lowest level since May, dragging the Hang Seng Tech index down with it. The U.S. securities watchdog said Friday it had added a Chinese firm to a list of more than 250 other companies that could … Read more

Kim Dae-beom, ‘Ma Pak’, “I made 50 million won a day, but I lost it all due to ‘common money'”

<!– 뉴스 –> Kim Dae-beom, ‘Ma Pak’, “I made 50 million won a day, but I lost it all due to ‘common money’” Edited 2022.06.14 09:05Enter 2022.06.14 09:05 The recent status of comedian Kim Dae-beom, who gained popularity as a character of ‘Ma Pak’ in the past, has been released. / Photo = Capture of … Read more

Sritex Loss Rp. 15.66 Trillion Until It Is Threatened With Delisting

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – There are an additional 113 new issuers that are included in the List of Equity Securities Under Special Monitoring of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), which is effective starting Tuesday (31/5/2022). Whereas previously as of Monday (30/5/2022), there were only 19 issuers on the list. Thus, there are now a total … Read more

9 letters of concern received in less than half a year * ST Dynavolt is on the road to delisting_Company_Announcement_Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Original title: 9 letters of concern received in less than half a year * ST Lions embarked on the road of delisting Every reporter: An Yufei Shenzhen reports Every editor: Chen Junjie The former battery giant *ST Mengshi (002684, SZ; previous closing price of 2.26 yuan) is about to bid farewell to the A-share market. … Read more

Fate.. fate.. Sritex (SRIL) shares are threatened with delisting, why?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The shares of PT Sri Rejeki Isman Tbk (SRIL) used to always have many ‘story’ so they were favored by traders to transact. But now, the textile company’s shares are in danger of being removed from the trading board or delisting. The potential delisting is a warning from the Indonesia Stock … Read more