Health delivered more than 600,000 vaccines against COVID-19 to the jurisdictions

Within the framework of the national vaccination plan against SARS-CoV-2, between last Wednesday and Thursday the Ministry of Health of the Nation distributed 638,600 doses to the different jurisdictions of the country and already adds a total of 116,969,112 vaccines delivered. The shipment corresponds to 354,000 doses from the Moderna laboratory and 284,600 pediatric Pfizer … Read more

“You’re not your mother.” Seo Ha-yan, crying during counseling, confessed to everyone.. Shocking news was delivered

online community While Lim Chang-jung and Seo Ha-yan were receiving psychiatric counseling to resolve their conflicts, their wife Seo Ha-yan confessed to her recent heartbreaking incident and hidden family history, drawing attention. In the SBS entertainment program ‘Same Bed, Dream 2 – You are my destiny’ broadcast on the 19th, Lim Chang-jung and Seo Ha-yan … Read more

During the sanctions, German ship equipment was delivered to the Russian Navy through a company in Latvia / Article

During the sanctions, German ship equipment was delivered to the Russian navy through a company in Latvia When Russia occupied the Crimean peninsula, since 2014 it has not been allowed to supply technology to the Russian Navy due to EU sanctions. However, diesel engines based on German technology found a place in “Grayworon” warships as … Read more

This meat is made in a laboratory. In Singapore, you can already have it delivered to your door.

Photo: Kristoffer Rønneberg SINGAPORE (Aftenposten): Farmed meat could be one of the solutions to the climate crisis. Aftenposten has a test taste. 17. sep. 2022 17:46 Last updated yesterday 08:53 Which came first – the chicken or the egg? In Singapore, there are now several food producers who believe that the answer is obvious. They … Read more

Istanbul has been delivered to mosquitoes! – MEVLUT TEZEL

There is an increase in the number of applicants to hospitals due to mosquito bites in Istanbul. Those who came to the hospital stated that they had swelling and unbearable itching. Speaking to DHA, Assoc. Dr. Zekai Kutlubay said, “Recently, some mosquito species have started to change. The most common type of mosquitoes we call … Read more

“Porsche” delivered 145,860 cars in the first half of the year

Despite the challenges, Porsche has managed to deliver strong car delivery results in the first six months of 2022. The German sports car manufacturer delivered 145,860 cars to customers worldwide, which is 5% less than in the same period last year, the company said. “We and our dealers have successfully overcome the first half of … Read more

In what cases is the Extended IFE delivered? How do I know if I am a beneficiary of the Extended IFE? Expanded IFE 2022

Given the worrying economic crisis that Chile is going through, many Chilean men and women have seen their incomes seriously reduced, this is why citizens have demanded new economic aid from the State. In this context, in April of this year the President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, announced the IFE Broad Coverage within the … Read more

The flight attendants cried as the pilot delivered the sad news [WIDEO]

The video clearly shows the reaction of the flight attendant, who burst into tears just moments before the pilot announced the death of the queen via the microphone. Next to her, you can see a standing passenger, with despair and disbelief on her face. You can also hear the serious voice of the pilot, who … Read more

Jokowi on the Rise of Pertalite Prices: Today’s Calculations Are Delivered

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) signals a price increase pertalite and solar in the near future. He mentions the calculation of price increases BBM subsidized will be delivered by a number of ministers today. “For the fuel (price increase) everything is still being calculated, and today I will convey to me the … Read more

The Economic Price of Subsidized Fuel Delivered by the Government is Too High…

JAKARTA, – A number of observers give an assessment of the economic price subsidized fuel submitted by the government. According to observers, the economic price of subsidized fuel described by the government is too high. Previously, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources said that the current price of … Read more