Russia will break the deal with the superpower. There will be no arms deliveries to India – WP Wiadomości

share Tweet The Indian Air Force has said that due to Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, Moscow will not deliver promised military equipment to Delhi. The IAF statement officially confirms the Kremlin’s problems with the supply and production of weapons. Keep up to date with events in Poland and the war in Ukraine by clicking … Read more

Turkey has a problem with Russia. Deliveries are delayed – WP Wiadomosci

share Tweet The Russian S-400 air defense system contracted by Turkey has still not been delivered to Ankara. The problem with the implementation of the contracts concluded in 2017 results from provisions that do not suit the Turkish side. The decision to purchase the system prompted a strong US reaction early on and sparked a … Read more

Kuleba does not expect deliveries of fighters in the near future

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba admitted in an interview to the newspaper “Bild am Sonntag” that he does not expect that deliveries of jet fighters to Ukraine could take place in the near future. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “I do not expect that the deliveries of fighters will take place in the … Read more

LIVE | Ukrainian minister: Germany delays arms deliveries unnecessarily | Abroad

– The Russians to have the eastern part of the Eastern Ukrainian city ​​of Bachmut, according to the British Ministry of Defence. The frontline is now at river Bachmutka, which separates the city into an eastern and a western part. The British think that the Russians cannot just cross that river. – Wagner-bass Jevgeny Prigozjin … Read more

European armies are looking for tanks for Ukraine. The Germans have allowed the removal of ‘their’ leopards, but the deliveries are delayed | iRADIO

More than a month has passed since Germany allowed other European countries to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Countries like Poland needed Berlin’s permission to export the machines, because they are German-made technology. But the American newspaper New York Times writes that the intention to deliver tanks to the country affected by the war is … Read more

The US and the EU called on the UAE to stop deliveries of critical goods to Russia. Export of electronics from the UAE to the Russian Federation increased seven times over the year

Representatives of the US, EU and UK called on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to stop exporting critical goods to Russia, reports the Financial Times. Western countries believe that the Russian Federation can use the supplied goods for military purposes. According to Russian customs, the export of electronic components from the UAE to Russia in … Read more

In Berlin, several thousand protest against arms deliveries to Ukraine

On the other hand, the leader of the Social Democrats (SDP) Bundestag faction, Rolf Micenihs, said in an interview to the “Rheinische Post” newspaper that he supports the citizens’ desire for peace, but cannot agree with the opinion of Wagenknecht and Schwarzer. He added that it would be desirable for the organizers of the rally … Read more

Delays in Western arms deliveries have limited Ukraine’s ability to launch a counteroffensive, analysts say

The institute recalls that last year the Russian army led an offensive from February 24 to July 3. Then Ukraine launched a large-scale counter-offensive in August and liberated the western part of the Kherson region. “Since then, Ukraine has failed to launch a new major counter-offensive,” the report says. Analysts believe that if the West … Read more

Tank deliveries: the Kremlin threatened the West

“Declarations are constantly coming from European capitals and Washington that the sending of various weapon systems, including tanks, to Ukraine in no way means that these countries or the alliance (NATO) are participating in the hostilities taking place in Ukraine. We categorically disagree with this. . Moscow considers everything done by the alliance and the … Read more

Porsche increased the number of car deliveries last year

in 2022 “Porsche” delivered 62,685 cars to buyers in Europe. This is an increase of 7% compared to the previous year. In the home market of Germany, 29,512 customers received cars, which is an increase of 3%. Content will continue after the ad Advertising In North America, Porsche made 79,260 deliveries, which is unchanged from … Read more