the demanding trajectory of a major voice in Algerian poetry

Samira Negrouche. Ed. GOAT-LEAF STAR/ED. BARZAKH Samira Negrouche is a writer of effort, always renewed. Reading I live in motion, his personal anthology of poetry (2001-2022), then Stations, a collection of miscellaneous writings, we are struck by its ability to go in several directions without going off course. That of a poet and essayist born … Read more

Sponsored: Really demanding users must have seen this laptop

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Vivo X90 Pro and the most demanding conditions for photography in practice. They won’t get lost even on a dark night –

Vivo X90 Pro in previous tests it proved to be a very capable photomobile that belongs to the absolute top. In one discipline in particular, Vivo excels perhaps even a little better than the competition. These are night photos or generally low-light situations. In this article, we will focus on this type of images and … Read more

The Story of a Man on Sick Leave for 15 Years, Earning IDR 1 Billion, Still Demanding a Salary Increase

Jakarta – Companies generally provide relief to employees who experience illness. Employees are allowed time off from work without deducting their annual leave and still be paid as it is usually only a few days or weeks. Because of this, a man shocked the public when he found out that he had been on sick … Read more

Anger in Brno is growing, the audience is demanding the owner’s departure. The butcher stands behind Bartoňek

It’s not going well, on the pitch, the Zbrojovka football club is falling into an ever-increasing crisis. And the fans of the Brno team are quickly running out of patience. During Sunday’s home match with Pardubice, they demanded the immediate departure of club owner Václav Bartoňek, and after an unsuccessful first half, they booed their … Read more

King Charles III as boss is demanding and hard to deal with. “They were shouting at me”

What kind of employer was King Charles III when he was still a prince? It was hard for him to find employees even at double wages. He constantly wanted to fulfill his strangest whims. There was one daredevil who managed to do it. Stories about how the life of the royal family looks like from … Read more

Turn off demanding appliances on Sunday and you get electricity for half, the energy company offers

Turn off washing machines, dishwashers and other energy-intensive appliances, and we’ll charge you only half the electricity bill. That’s what the action offered by the British energy company British Gas to its customers could be called. They will be able to save if they use energy-intensive appliances off-peak on Sundays. Every customer of the company … Read more

“Murder in Ukraine. Wife in France.” Protesters in Paris are demanding sanctions against the ex-wife of a Russian official

The picket in Paris in front of the house where Maniovichi owns an apartment was organized by supporters of the Russian oppositionist Alexei Navalny from the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK). The protesters demanded to impose European Union sanctions on businesswoman Maniovića. FBK conducted a study on Maniovič, and its authors claim that she only fictitiously divorced … Read more

Honda took back the record of the world’s most demanding circuit among people’s cars, surpassing former super sports

Honda took back the record of the world’s most demanding circuit among people’s cars, surpassing former super sports 20.4.2023 | Petr Prokopec / Photo: Honda The fight for this primacy has subsided in recent years, the automotive world has other priorities. But Honda did not forget and beat the Renault Mégane RS again with the … Read more