A leaked photo from the Serbian locker room stirs controversy at the World Cup. Kosovo demands punishment

A banner insulting Kosovo was caught in the Serbian dressing room ahead of Serbia’s World Cup match in Qatar on Thursday. Representatives of the Football Federation of Kosovo are asking FIFA to punish the Serbs. The Football Federation of Kosovo (FFK) has filed a complaint with FIFA over a banner displayed in the dressing room … Read more

This is how industry managers tackle the demands of remote work – “must be in the right dose”

There was a time, not quite as long ago as it seems, when you were at work five days a week. What was then completely normal has been radically redrawn during and after the pandemic. But what the normal model will look like going forward is still emerging. And which is best depends, as usual, … Read more

Polish MP accuses Ukraine of dishonesty and demands Zelensky government pay money and apologize! | blog post

November 20, 2022 12:34 Last Updated: 12:48 Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles are suspected of falling into Polish territory, causing dissatisfaction among Poland’s far-right parties. According to a Polish Kresy media report on November 18, a number of Polish parliamentarians held a press conference and asked the Ukrainian government to apologize and compensate the families of the … Read more

Woman who suffered damage to her home due to Anne Heche crash demands compensation | Backbite

The resident of the house that Anne Heche drove into in her fatal accident has demanded compensation from the relatives of the actress. Lynne Mishele asks for at least 2 million dollars (more than 1.9 million euros), reports TMZ based on court documents. Heche drove her car into Mishele’s house in early August. The fire … Read more

After a smear campaign against Qatar, Brazil demands to focus on sports in the World Cup | World Cup news

The Brazilian Football Confederation supported the call of the International Federation of the popular game (FIFA) to focus on football in the 2022 World Cup, after a campaign launched by European countries against Qatar with the approach of the World Cup. The Brazilian Confederation’s call to focus on sports came after a similar call from … Read more

Elon Musk raises the bankruptcy of Twitter and demands a change of culture

Elon Musk mentioned the possibility of declaring Twitter bankrupt in a meeting with staff, sources said. The billionaire had just warned in an email that “the economic outlook ahead is dire.” At the meeting, Musk said the Twitter staff’s performance is expected to be “tough.” Do you already know our Instagram account? Follow us. Elon … Read more

World Cup Qatar 2022.. Demands to expose the role of North Korea

The quaint new hotels and ultra-modern stadiums built to host the soccer World Cup in Qatar hide an “ugly reality” of “the deplorable working and living conditions of the people who built them,” according to the magazine.Foreign Policy“. And when the public flocks to Qatar to attend the World Cup, which begins later this month, … Read more

Supply of Contaminated Syrup Raw Materials, PT Universal Demands BPOM Responsibility

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Legal Power PT Universal Pharmaceutical Industries (UPI), Hermansyah Hutagalung said that one of his clients who served as director was questioned at the Bareskrim Building, Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Thursday (10/11/2022). Hermansyah said investigators asked a lot of questions about the raw materials from which the syrup is produced by PT Universal Pharmaceutical … Read more