Meloni’s relationship with journalists shows that our democracy is immature

With the Meloni government there has been a qualitative leap, downwards, in the delicate relationship between political power and the media, between government and the world of information. This relationship is then one of the factors that influence the degree of maturity and completeness of an authentic liberal democracy. There are several indications, too many, … Read more

COP27: Another kick to Western democracy

At a conference in Egypt, it was promised that citizens of democratic countries would pay climate reparations. The conference, with the participation of all the countries of the world, was extended by two days when the protagonists of the fight against warming were not satisfied with the results achieved. A breakthrough was only reached on … Read more

Ministry of Education’s proposal for the 2023 school calendar includes days of Transgender Visibility, Sexual Health and the Month of Memory and Democracy

Last Friday, November 18, the General Education Division of the Mineduc delivered to the Regional Ministerial Secretariats the guidelines regarding the school calendar for 2023, where aspects related to commemorations that imply a shift from previous years were included, such as the suggestion of adding the days of Transgender Visibility and Sexual Health as “outstanding” … Read more

Democracy around the world is being challenged, Obama warns

“Not only in the US, but all over the world, the basic principles of democracy are being questioned. We’re not arguing about politics, we’re arguing about the rules of the game that we all agreed to earlier, right? The idea was that we would hold an election and whoever gets the most votes would win. … Read more

By what right do they ring the bells, is this a democracy? This could lead to civil war

© The leader of GERB Boyko Borisov is ready to be co-sponsors with DB and PP for a temporary commission on the rules to discuss the election rules. He announced this at a briefing at the party headquarters. “Both in “We continue the change” (PP) and “Democratic Bulgaria” (DB) there are many valuable and quality … Read more

Fascists and ex-communists hate democracy, so they want to steal November 17th again

Nov 16, 2022 at 9:56 a.m I Paid content By changing the meanings, they want to create chaos. The effort to reformat our historical memory is one of the basic tools of all authoritarians. They want to change the content of the words we have used to name crimes, violence and injustice, because they understand … Read more

Midterm 2022, Biden: «The huge republican wave didn’t happen. Yesterday good day for democracy “

“The press and pundits predicted a huge Republican wave. But it didn’t happen that way. Yesterday was a good day for democracy and a good day for America “. Thus begins the US president Joe Bidencommenting i results of the elections of Midterm held yesterday, November 8, in United Stateswhile the counting of ballots is … Read more

The real challenges of JCCs

Places are limited, the choice must be intelligent, militancy is in the films certainly not around. Making films requires a form of cynicism. This is perhaps the explanation for this dissonance that one feels between the JCC, behind the scenes of the sector, official speeches, the innumerable difficulties of productions to really be 100% from … Read more

Free museums, still sparks at the Ministry of Culture. Sangiuliano: “Italy is too generous”. Sgarbi: “It’s not a question of money, but of democracy”

one again clash between the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano e Vittorio Sgarbi, undersecretary of the same dicastery. The art critic does not intend to abandon the idea of free museums for citizens residing in various Italian cities: “The free admission of museums must apply to citizens of the city where the museums are located: … Read more

USA: Obama day all Midterms – North America

An armchair for three.In the last weekend before Midterm, Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Donald Trump all gather in Pennsylvania to pull the sprint to their respective parties in one of the crucial states of these elections, where the Democrats risk fighting for control of the Senate despite the ostentatious optimism by the president who … Read more