Demonstrations in Argentina for the return of Messi

Messi started his career in Argentina (Juan Mapromata / Getty) Argentine star reserves, Lionel MessiWith a strong relationship with Newell’s Old Boys club, in which he started his career, the club’s fans went out by hundreds after the announcement of Najm Barcelona His insistence on leaving the club he spent twenty years with. The fans … Read more

Plaza Italia registers the largest demonstration since the beginning of the epidemic

Under the custody of the Carabineros, around 300 people demonstrated in the vicinity of Plaza Italia this Friday, the highest concentration registered in the sector in these months of pandemic. The protest was divided into groups stationed on the bridge Pío Nono, the Forest Park, in front of the Telepizza and Bustamante Park, since Public … Read more

Berlin bans demonstrations against corona measures | NOW

Berlin will ban demonstrations against corona measures. The German capital is deploying thousands of police officers to enforce the ban The decision was taken because of several demonstrations in which demonstrators did not or insufficiently adhered to the corona measures. For example, protesters did not wear masks and did not keep a distance of 1.5 … Read more

Coronavirus in Germany. Berlin has banned demonstrations against the Sars-CoV-2 policy

The social democratic mayor-head of Berlin’s government, Michael Mueller, deemed the ban on Wednesday (August 26) of the great demonstration against the state’s restrictive anti-coronavirus policy there on Saturday (August 29) “just and justified” by the authorities of the German capital. Picture Berlin mayor-head of government Michael Mueller /MARKUS SCHREIBER / POOL /AFP Mueller also … Read more

VIDEO⟩ “We will deal with them!” Lukashenko watches helicopter demonstrations in Minsk with a gun in his hand – Abroad – News

One of them shows Lukashenko in a body armor sitting on a plane, looking out the window and urging a pilot to fly closer to the prospectus to see demonstrators who had already begun to disperse. In one of the video excerpts, he says of the outgoing crowd, “Scattered like a rat.” In the helicopter … Read more

A handful of protesters await MP Omtzigt after demonstrations against corona measures

A handful of protesters, who demonstrated earlier today against the corona measures in the center of The Hague, lingered on and around the Binnenhof on Thursday evening. They are waiting for politicians to come out. Also read: VIDEO: Police officer and demonstrators injured after confrontation at demonstrations in The Hague Videos circulating on Twitter show … Read more

Again demonstrations in Minsk, Lukashenko release 2000 prisoners

Lukashenko warned his countrymen not to participate in the demonstrations. Forces from Poland, Ukraine, Russia and also the Netherlands are said to stir up unrest in Belarus. “You must understand that you and your children are being used as cannon fodder,” he said. At the same time, he called on his security personnel to avoid … Read more

Czech rescuers have stopped work in Beirut, and large demonstrations are expected in the city

The Lebanese army has now called on all foreign teams helping the city with the aftermath of Tuesday’s explosion to return to bases. Another big protest is planned in the city in the afternoon, said fire spokesman Martin Kavka. “We do not know exactly why it is, but according to the information I have, a … Read more

Thousands of demonstrations without masks or social distance in Berli …

In Berlin, there was massive protests on Saturday against the new corona measures imposed by the government, after the number of contamination has risen again in Germany. A crowd of more than fifteen thousand demonstrators marched through the streets without masks or social distancing (see video above article). “We want democracy back,” cried the protesters, … Read more

Demonstrations with tractors in several regions are prohibited

These include the safety regions in Groningen, Flevoland and the Gooi- and Vechtstreek. At the RIVM in De Bilt protesters are expected. The army has since been deployed to set up blockades. Access roads closed Reporter Jeroen Wetzels was at the RIVM building last night and also saw concrete blocks, fences and police cars there … Read more