North Korea denounces Guterres’ words… and this is how it responded to him

Yesterday, Saturday, North Korea denounced the recent statements made by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, in which he described Pyongyang’s nuclear program as a “clear and present danger.”“. Military tensions on the Korean peninsula have escalated sharply in 2022, with North Korea conducting weapons tests almost every month, including the launch of its most advanced … Read more

Doctors denounce “deaths and mutilations” at Hospital Amadora-Sintra

PRESS MAGAZINE Doctors denounce cases in which patients are operated on for tumors that, after all, did not exist, and a patient who died “exsanguinated” after 15 transfusions. Order of Physicians and IGAS opened investigations Two surgeons from Amadora-Sintra denounced to the Medical Association that 22 patients operated on in the hospital last year “died … Read more

Laval University student associations denounce positions inaccessible to white men

Science students from Laval University add their voice to criticism to denounce the fact that white men are excluded from calls for applications for Canada Research Chair positions in universities across the country. “Many of us have a future in research,” says François Plamondon, a bachelor’s degree student in biology who launched a movement among … Read more

They denounce lack of anti-covid-19 vaccines for reinforcement

Salvadoran doctors denounced yesterday that the shortage of vaccines from the Pfizer and Moderna laboratories against covid-19 persists, for which the Ministry of Health (MINSAL) only orders the inoculation of doses of Chinese drugs for reinforcements. The infectologist Iván Solano Leiva affirmed that the main vaccination centers in the country are placing the Coronavac and … Read more

Ryanair strikers denounce their working conditions: “Our employer does not submit to the law”

The Ryanair cabin crew strike began on Friday 30 December and will lead to the cancellation of 128 flights departing from and arriving at Brussels South Charleroi Airport (BSCA) until Sunday. The hostesses and stewards of the low-cost airline based in Charleroi and Zaventem are on strike for the last weekend of December, as well … Read more

the Jesuits invite us to denounce –

Of Gian Guido Vecchi The Slovenian Jesuit, 68, and the series of physical and psychological abuses in Slovenia since the 1990s which led to an excommunication which was later withdrawn. Father Johan Verschueren: «To report, send an email in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and German» VATICAN CITY – We are talking about at least … Read more

India: Siamese twins denounce that they receive only one salary despite the fact that both work | World

What began as a story of inclusion worthy of imitation has turned into an outrageous case of labor abuse, in which Indiawhere some conjoined twins have indicated that they receive a single salary for the work that each one does taking care of a supply control room in the company Punjab State Power Corporation Limited. … Read more

60 million consumers denounce the methods of manufacturers to stuff us with sugar

Advertising “Daily ingredient, partner of festive moments, reflection of a formidable culinary heritage… Behind the essential little white domino hides a unique know-how! “. That’s what we can read on the site Cultures sucres, an association that brings together sugar beet planters and industrialists. The accusations of “60 million consumers” “Producers and agri-food companies have … Read more

Hours before the corruption ruling against Cristina Kirchner, the President announced on Cadena Nacional that he will denounce federal judges

The President asked for a “criminal” investigation to be made whether there was a trip to the South with businessmen. Fernández admitted that the information was known through a hack. hours before the Corruption ruling on Cristina Kirchner within the framework of the so-called Highway cause, the president Alberto Fernandez used the National Chain to … Read more

Karla Tarazona on John Kelvin’s ‘new’ relationship: “Let’s hope that the new outgoing does not come out to denounce him”

A few days ago it became known that John Kelvin decided to spend the summer on the beaches of Piura with his Alejandra Achawho would be his new love and who he let see in the singer’s virtual audience shortly before he was released. The photographs of their days enjoying the northern heat, and that … Read more