The right trick is to puree the lime leaves for the filling for the project, saving time and effort

photo: TikTok/@masakasyik1 – It’s common knowledge that lime leaves very useful for cooking. In addition to adding a delicious fragrant aroma, lime leaves can also make food taste more delicious and fresh. Who would have thought, lime leaves also have many health benefits, you know. Reporting from, lime leaves can be a stress … Read more

What happened to the Champions League? Real Madrid take her to the pitch in Helsinki… with a huge dent!

Everyone who saw the start of the Super Cup asked themselves a big question: what happened to the Big Ears Cup? Why was there a very visible dent on the trophy, just beside one of the two handles? The European Super Cup ceremony was truly fascinating, especially because the two teams that competed for it … Read more

Economist Harry Dent predicts Bitcoin will drop to $3,000 and reach $500,000 many years later

For DailyBitcoin Editor Financial newsletter writer Harry Dent predicts the fall of[{” attribute=””>Bitcoin a USD $ 3k antes de disparar a “USD $ 500k en el próximo auge global”. *** Muchas personas que han invertido todo lo que tienen en el ecosistema cripto están preocupadas por la situación. Creen que pueden perder todos sus ahorros. … Read more

The coronavirus begins to make a dent in Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II She assured through her palace spokespersons that the mild symptoms that arose from her recent infection with coronavirus would not prevent her from fulfilling some of her official commitments as head of state, specifically the simplest ones and those marked by social distance. However, this Tuesday the British royal house has announced … Read more