Danske Bank sets the interest rates on mortgages and deposits – E24

Danske Bank follows the lead of the other major banks and adjusts the interest rates on mortgages and deposits. Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB Published: Yesterday 12:02 Updated less than 10 minutes ago Copy link Copy link share on Facebook share on Facebook Share by email Share by email Danske Bank sets interest rates on … Read more

Deposits for cans and plastic bottles? Yes, but on a Belgian scale

Log cans and plastic bottles, the idea is not new, but this time, it could succeed. On the initiative of the Walloon Minister for the Environment, Céline Tellier (Écolo), a steering committee bringing together the three Regions of the country, the Federal government, the administration and even France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has … Read more

Insurance premiums.. Do US banks deduct money from accounts to protect deposits?

The US Treasury excluded comprehensive deposit insurance US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told members of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee that the federal bank regulators are not considering any plans to insure all US bank deposits without congressional approval. Several banking groups and consumer advocates have called for some kind of blanket deposit guarantee after the … Read more

Rozbresk: YES to Fed on dovish rate hike and NO to Yellen on 100% deposit guarantee

The US Federal Reserve refused to admit to panic and raised interest rates by another 25 basis points. However, it was an attempt to raise interest rates in a dovish guise, as the Fed in the new macro-forecast expects “only” one rate increase (to the level of 5.0-5.25%). And that’s a big change from two … Read more

Moody’s changed its outlook on deposits and debts for “UBS” from stable to negative

Reaffirmed UBS’ AT1 bond rating at Baa3 Dubai – Al Arabiya.net Published in: March 21, 2023: 12:49 PM GST Last updated: Mar 21, 2023: 02:11 PM GST Moody’s changed its outlook on UBS Group’s long-term deposits and first-grade unsecured debt from stable to negative. On the other hand, the agency affirmed the first-class unsecured debt … Read more

Blessing or Curse? Discovery of Giant Lithium Deposits in India

Jakarta – Salal is a small village on the banks of the Chenab river, Jammu-Kashmir, which was recently claimed to be helping India’s technological leap. The village holds lithium reserves of 5.9 million tons. This soft, white mineral is a key component of the latest battery technology and is why it is important for the … Read more

10.78 million deposits were embezzled by the president, the bank refused to pay and said: Who told you not to check often | International | CTWANT

The 2.43 million yuan (approximately NT$10.78 million) savings of depositors in mainland China were embezzled by the former president of the Nanjing Jiangning branch of the Postal Savings Bank. (Schematic / shutterstock) The 2.43 million yuan (approximately NT$10.78 million) savings of depositors in mainland China were embezzled by the former president of Postal Savings Bank … Read more