An image of the iPhone 15 Pro with a new design appeared on the network (photo) – UNIAN

Earlier this month, sources said that with the release of the iPhone 15, Apple will remove the proprietary volume switch from its smartphones, and it will be replaced by a single volume rocker. Leaked CAD renders confirm this information. In the flagship models of the iPhone 15, two volume buttons will merge into one. And … Read more

Acer enters the EV market, launching the ebii, a modern design, lightweight electric bike with a range of 110 km with built-in AI.

Acer Prepare to invade the market EV car debut live e-bike, new electric bike To match the lifestyle of the city people. Modern design, lightweight, comes with built-in AI that effectively helps with driving safety. And can still run as far as 110 km, with a maximum speed of 25 km per hour, fully charged … Read more

The Dragon Soul Blade is out of its sheath again! MSI Katana 17 B13V Gaming Laptop In-Depth Test: Outstanding appearance design, next-generation gaming performance overwhelms the audience!

With the release of the new-generation NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series laptop GPU performance ban, the e-sports laptop market has become lively, and MSI, a major player in the e-sports industry, also launched “Leaping over the Singularity” in February. ” as the slogan, released a full series of new machines equipped with 13th generation Intel … Read more

Imperfect character design is even more brilliant “Who is He” Wei Guoping and “Hurricane” An Xin’s similarities and differences-International Online

Imperfect character design is even more brilliant “Who is he” Wei Guoping and “Hurricane” An Xin’s similarities and differences The current criminal investigation suspense drama “Who is He” is Zhang Yi’s re-starring as a criminal policeman after “Hurricane”. The plot relies on the “Silver Serial Murder Case” and “Nanda Corpse Dismemberment Case” and other major … Read more

We will stick to classic buttons, says Hyundai’s design chief

Recently, the interiors of Hyundai cars stand out in one thing – they contain a lot of physical buttons. A number of other manufacturers abandon them in favor of controlling everything imaginable through a touch screen, but according to Hyundai’s chief designer, this is not to the benefit of the cause. “We’ve been using physical … Read more

How to use AI to turn sketches into graphics Scribble Diffusion for design and creative ideas

Nowadays, AI has become more and more involved in our lives and work. began to expand Can be an aid to work in various fields, including architect and design work. In which this article presents AI that can help design easily without wasting time or using expensive programs to create graphics. Just sketch or draw … Read more

A toy more expensive than a decent used car: the classic Modena Grand Prix racer from Playforever is not for play

The company Playforever, based in London, UK, is a relatively unconventional manufacturer of models. It was born out of its founder Julian Meagher’s love and passion for classic cars, aircraft and indeed overall historic design as such. The result is beautiful and particularly high-quality toys that bring to mind the iconic machines of yesteryear. Meagher … Read more

WhatsApp is changing its design for 2023: these are the changes

It seems that after several years without changing almost anything, WhatsApp has gotten down to business. Thanks to WABetaInfo we can know that WhatsApp is changing the interface of the application. More and more users have complained about this issue, since the app is filling up with interesting functions, but they are not visible design … Read more

[미리보는 LED EXPO 2016] Leto Design to introduce socket-type OLED lighting |

Leto Design (CEO Jae-Sung Koh) will participate in ‘The 14th International LED & OLED EXPO 2016’ held at KINTEX, Ilsan for 4 days from June 22 (Wed) to 25 (Sat) and showcase socket type OLED lighting. am. Socket-type OLED lighting has the advantage that anyone can easily use OLED lighting in the current lighting environment … Read more