These were the two designs for the stage altar that were turned down (and which were cheaper)

29 jan, 20:42 The controversial altar where Pope Francis will celebrate mass in August during World Youth Day in Lisbon could have cost well under 4 million euros. TVI, from the same group as CNN Portugal, had access to the two architectural projects that were approved by the current president of the Sociedade de Reabilitação … Read more

Brunella Horna: who manages her 13 stores in Lima, who designs her clothing line | Brunella Horna shop in Gamarra | businesswoman | Richard Acuna | show business

At just 26 years old, Brunella Horna has become one of the most successful Peruvian businesswomen, with more than a dozen stores in the national capital. Successful businesswoman! Brunella Horna She began her career on television at a very young age, when she was featured on “This is war”. However, this facet did not last … Read more

When artificial intelligence designs computer cases, it looks like this

PC cases using Midjourney AI–Source: Hybective with permission Fans of artificial intelligence use its machine capabilities for various purposes. For example, this is what it looks like when you use Midjourney’s image generator to create computer case designs. The result is not bad at all, and some of them could go straight to production, or … Read more

The renowned Slovak designer ends up at the Volkswagen brand, the new boss didn’t like Kabaň’s designs

After a quarter of a century, when his star rose within VW from the Bugatti Veyron to Audi to the chief designer post in Mladá Boleslav, Jozef Kabaň hastily left the Volkswagen Group in 2017, only to return to it three years later. Andreas Mindt, chief designer of the British brand Bentley, which belongs to … Read more

The Mysterious Meaning of Ice Age Designs Revealed by a Furniture Conservator

Ben Bacon, a furniture restorer from London, has unbelievably unraveled the mystery of the 20,000-year-old cave paintings made by our ancestors. Various examples of ice age rock art. Credit: Cambridge Archaeological Journal A London furniture restorer passionate about millennial rock art has managed to reveal the mysterious meaning of the drawings left in the caves … Read more

Serious Rivals Yamaha Nmax and Honda PCX Officially Launched, with Cooler Designs and Features – Recently a new maxi gambot scooter has appeared, which has a more rugged design than the Yamaha Nmax, but the price is quite affordable. Quoted by the Bondowoso Network from YURIKO ADAM’s YouTube channel, this new scooter is predicted to replace the Yamaha Nmax 155, which is currently still busy on the market. … Read more

The Nazca Lines continue to amaze: they find more ancient designs

Man Damaged a 2,000-Year-Old Archaeological Enigma 0:55 (Reuters) — More than a hundred new geoglyphs recently discovered in the ancient Peruvian plain of Nazca and its surroundings could shed new light on the mysterious pre-Columbian works of art that have intrigued scientists and visitors for decades. Following two years of field studies using aerial photography … Read more

A 100-year-old brewery in Iran gets a new life.. What is it embracing now?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — In the center of the Iranian capital, Tehran, lies a 100-year-old abandoned brewery, which the architectural firm “Ahmadreza Schricker Architecture – North”, or “ASA North”, has breathed new life into. From the ruins of the original building, the Argo Museum has emerged as a cultural center for contemporary art. … Read more

COOL Yamaha MX King 180 VVA 2023 Comes With a 180 CC Engine, Gahar and Sporty Designs Are the Flagship – Yamaha MX King The 180 VVA 2023 comes with fierce specifications and a super sporty design. With an engine capacity of 180 CC, Yamaha MX King This 180 VVA 2023 is ready to take the streets aggressively. Of course Yamaha MX King The 180 VVA 2023 is equipped with a number of advantages, … Read more