William Chislett: “I have no desire to return to my country and less with the stupidity of Brexit” – The comment of Santiago González

He came to Spain when he was still a young journalist, and his intention was to stay for just one season teaching English and return to Great Britain. Love and friends put enough pressure for her to stay. Staying brought various benefits, but one of those we owe to him is to tell our history … Read more

“I promise five weeks without surprises”

Posted on Sunday, November 15, 2020 at 6:45 a.m. Through Vincent Liévin Windows wide open. A little fresh air. Invigorating. In front of the large meeting table of her cabinet in Place Surlet-de-Chokier in Brussels, Caroline Désir, PS Minister of Education, receives us. She is better, 15 days after having tested positive: “I resumed sport … Read more

Memphis Depay reveals his desire to play for Barcelona in the future

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 13.11.2020 18:53:36 The Barcelona urgently needs a striker to compete for LaLiga and the Champions League, and the name of Memphis Depay It is the one that most convinces in the Blaugrana entity, which has probed his signing in recent months. In this regard, the Dutch forward of the Lyon … Read more

“I have never had so much desire to hit someone as Marcelo”

Peter Crouch retired in 2019. This lanky 2.02m tall English striker had a good career in British football, passing through several of the best teams in the world. Premier League, as Liverpool Y Tottenham. Came to play the Champions League, but there is a moment of this competition that he has very bad memories of … Read more

Henry defended Lionel Messi: “Questioning his desire is ridiculous, he is an animal”

Lately, Lionel Messi received criticism for a sequence of the Champions League match against Dynamo Kiev, where he is seen walking in the epilogue of the encounter, with the Ukrainian team attacking. Ronald Koeman, his coach defended him, although he was not the only one. Thierry Henry, former partner of the Argentine in Barcelona, ​​went … Read more

The fear of planning ahead: how COVID-19 changed the desire to dream in the long term

The problem of not being able to plan in the long term does not affect the future but the effect it produces in the present: In life there are unforeseen events or setbacks that get in the way and frustrate our plans. However, the pandemic, a product of the COVID-19 coronavirus, for many meant much … Read more

Piñera assures that the Government “is not neutral” before a plebiscite and slides desire for a new Constitution | National

Sebastián Beltrán Gaete | UNO Agency visits News in Development We are gathering more background on this news, stay tuned for updates. In the framework of the International Day of Non-Violence, and in a speech this Friday afternoon, President Sebastián Piñera affirmed that his Government is not neutral to the constitutional process nor to the … Read more

Duhalde and the deep desire of the right

The statements of former President Duhalde, in which he assured that next year there will be no elections but a coup d’état and his call to change policies “that are useless” for others that seek “consensus”, in clear allusion to the actions of the national government, they could be considered as a delusion as he … Read more

My greatest desire is to live and keep making films

“My greatest desire is to continue living and making films. And the third is to be here in Venice,” Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar told the Mostra on Thursday. The whimsical director in his seventies came to present on the Lido a 30-minute medium-length film, “The human voice”, freely adapted from a play by Jean Cocteau … Read more