Cold Wife in Bed? This is the reason why women don’t have the desire to make love from the results of research in the US

JOURNAL SOREANG- Your wife includes cold when si bed even refuse to have sex? Moment wife not wanting to make love with her husband, she will mention various reasons ranging from dizziness, boredom to being too tired. However, scientists in the United States (US) believe there is a medical reason for this attitude wife who … Read more

Together with Aprilia, Maverick Vinales Relives the Desire to Become a MotoGP Champion

MOTOGP.COM Aprilia Racing’s Maverick Vinales won the second podium in the 2022 British MotoGP race at Silverstone Circuit, Sunday (7/8/2022) BOLASPORT.COM – Maverick Vinales has become with the proprietary RS-GP motorcycle Aprilia. Good results in the last two races restore the confidence Vinales once lost. “I joined Yamaha to be a champion.” This sentence makes … Read more

Due to the increase in heating costs, the desire to “migrate” to the new projects is expected

With rapidly increasing heating costs, people are showing interest in changing their housing. The demand for apartments in the new projects, which have relatively higher energy efficiency indicators, will remain stable in the future as well, the bank estimates.Citadel“. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “It is safe to say that energy efficiency will … Read more

The Lithuanian swimming champion and record holder ends her career at the age of 25: her desire has faded

“The idea of ​​retiring from professional sports has been around for some time. Then, when I failed to qualify for the Olympics, the desire to continue my swimming career faded. Last year was extremely difficult, everything turned upside down and, to be honest, I was tired. However, I now realize that I swam for twenty … Read more

Sudden ‘Loyo’ Sex Desire Disrupts Sex Performance, What Causes It, Doc?

Jakarta – Question: Allow me to ask Doc… I am a 27 year old woman and have experienced a drastic decrease in sex drive, and this has been going on for about 4 months. During sex, my partner has given various stimuli, but I do not feel aroused and vaginal lubrication does not come out … Read more

Reduced sexual desire, amnesia and hair loss are effects of long-term Covid-19 – NiT

Reduced sexual desire, amnesia and hair loss are effects of long-term Covid-19 The study also indicates that women, young people, blacks and people of ethnic minorities tend to contract these symptoms more easily. It was published in “Nature Medicine”. In Portugal alone, since the pandemic began, 5.3 million Covid-19 infections have been confirmed. It will … Read more

Neymar confirms his desire to stay in Paris Saint-Germain stadiums | zad jordan news

zad jordan news – Brazilian Neymar is a superstar Paris French Saint-Germain said, Saturday in Tokyo, that he wants to stay in the “Park of the Princes” this season, despite constant speculation about his future. “I always want to stay at the club. But I don’t know what their plans are for me,” Neymar said … Read more

Brazilian star Neymar expresses his desire to stay in Paris

Brazilian star Neymar has confirmed that his desire is to stay in Paris Saint-Germain, amid reports that he may leave the team. Neymar has been linked with a move to Manchester City and Chelsea in the English Premier League, in addition to Italian Juventus. “I would like to stay in Paris,” Neymar said in an … Read more

A Gulf bride announces it with unprecedented boldness.. Only a man from the sons of this country will satisfy my desire on the bed!!

2022/07/22 It’s 08:40 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite The Emirati cosmetic expert, Badr Khalaf, who is physically transformed, revealed that she wants a man from Saudi Arabia, especially the Bedouins, to satisfy her desire. And she added, “The people of the Badia in Saudi Arabia have a virility that no one possesses. As for … Read more

Carlsen will not defend his chess title. I have no desire to play that match and I will not play it, he declared – ČT sport – Czech Television

Carlsen has been the world number one in chess for more than ten years and in 2021, he won his fifth world title by defeating Jan Něpomňašči. The Norwegian already signaled in advance that if Alirez Firouz doesn’t start against him in the next, i.e. this year’s, title duel, he is not interested in defending. … Read more