In Alaska, they discovered a desperate man who had been tortured by grizzlies for several days

The man, about 60, has lived alone since July 12 in a modest shed for miners a few dozen miles from the town of Nome in western Alaska. One day, a grizzly bear attacked him outside and dragged him to a local river. The men managed to escape and hide in the shed. For the … Read more

resurrection! “Desperate Different Dimension” remake confirmed, classic sci-fi survival tremor returns | 4Gamers

Just like the gossip, EA (Electronic Arts) earlier in the EA Play Live online conference, officially released the sci-fi survival tremor classic game “Dead Space” (Remake). Related Reading:Foreign news agency hinted that “players’ favorite EA game” is coming back soon According to official instructions, the remastered version is taken from the original version of “Desperate … Read more

In Belgium desperate for the flood, where the water has betrayed the spa paradises

Pepinster (Belgium) – In Pepinster you can only hear the roar of the water. People empty houses, clear warehouses, shovel mud. But he doesn’t say a word. A whole life, for many of them, is locked up in a black plastic bag. In the hope that at least that will be saved. Talking becomes a … Read more

Creator of dogecoin cripples cryptocurrencies: It’s a hyper-capitalist technology to extract money from the desperate – Markets

Jackson Palmer, one of the creators of the dogecoin cryptocurrency – which emerged as a “meme” – decided to move away from the world of digital currencies, but not before weaving harsh criticisms of this technology which he considers to be “hyper-capitalist”, “inherently from right” and that “brings together all the worst parts of the … Read more

Ignore WHO, Thailand Desperate to Mix Sinovac and AstraZeneca Vaccines

The Thai government supports plans to mix doses of AstraZeneca and Sinovac vaccines. Previously, WHO had warned about the dangers of mixing different brands of vaccine types. Until now, no research results have been released specifically about mixing the two types of vaccines. The Thai health ministry recommends that the Sinovac vaccine be used only … Read more

Napalm on mice or snakes. Desperate Australian farmers share instructions for killing rodents

When commercial traps ran out in most hardware stores, people began to improvise. Some people fill buckets with water, rub their edges with vegetable oil and put bait in the form of peanut butter in the water. The mice cannot resist the delicacy, then the slippery edge of the bucket will become fatal for them. … Read more

The Enemy Looks More Desperate

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — President China Xi Jinping and the North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un promised to strengthen relations between the two countries. They expressed this commitment when commemorating the 60th anniversary of China-North Korea friendship. The two countries signed a friendship agreement on July 11, 1961. “Despite the complicated international situation in recent years, … Read more

Haiti desperate and without a guide, the government wants US soldiers –

And now the so-called provisional government of Haiti, as if the precedents had been something different in substance, is asking the UN and the United States to send troops to the country. Indeed to send them back to us, given that the last ones had gone a little at a time at the turn of … Read more

China says Japan digs own grave if desperate to join US military to help Taiwan win war

Sosok.ID – The Chinese Communist Party warned Japan that it would “dig its own grave” if it sided with United States military (AS). Quoted from New York Post, Friday (9/7/2021), this relates to the involvement of the US in defending Taiwan in the event of an invasion. The country led by Xi Jinping even said … Read more

Emergency PPKM, Metro Police Chief: If I’m Desperate to Cycling, I’ll Cage the Bike

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General Mohammad Fadil Imran gave a stern warning to the public not to cycle during this time. Emergency PPKM enforced. Fadil said his party would not hesitate to take firm action against stubborn cyclists. Today the Polda Metro Jaya held an apple “Safe Nusa II Handling Covid-19”. … Read more