Why destroy nature when it has zero effect on the world’s climate?

DEBATE: Norway has an energy mix of 71 percent renewable. The world has 13 percent renewable energy. Debate post Einar H. Årstad Master of Science in Electrical / Technical Cybernetics, employed by Equinor Published: Published: Yesterday 11:00 The green shift in Norway means a sharp drain on our water reservoirs, several new wind turbines on … Read more

Hit or Shit Video “New Characters Destroy Games”

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Why does the Secret Power want to destroy Assange? Archives

WikiLeaks Revolution. After publishing the secret documents of the US government in 2010, Julian Assange never walked the streets as a free man again. He went from house arrest to confinement in the Ecuadorian embassy to imprisonment in the UK’s toughest prison: Belmarsh. Yet, to this day, he is an innocent man. So why hasn’t … Read more

Lidia Undiemi: “Too much power for multinationals. How are we going to export democracy if we destroy ours?”

For many distinguished observers, the Russian invasion of Ukraine marks the end of globalization as we have known it. Yet a more gradual slowdown in this process was already underway before the conflict and even before the pandemic. In 2019, the value of global trade had fallen to 57% of world GDP compared to 60% … Read more

Couple sharing an infertility journey online: “It seemed that pain would simply destroy us”

Ingrid, you create exclusive educational content – you share your infertility story on YouTube. There are not many people talking about this topic in Lithuania so widely. How did you decide to share your personal life in public? As soon as we started our “children’s journey”, I read a lot online and watched a lot … Read more

Microsoft actively promotes Game Pass, but the original Xbox game veteran worries that subscription system will destroy the game industry | T Kebang

In 2017, Microsoft officially entered the game subscription battlefield with its own Xbox One home game console and launched a service called “Xbox Game Pass”. Due to its strong game lineup and fairly reasonable prices, a It has been widely praised by players since its launch. Since then, the Xbox Game Pass game library has … Read more

What is GNOM, the little Ukrainian robot that can destroy tanks and transport the wounded

Among the new means available to Ukraine to defend itself against Russia is the GNOM, a small multifunctional robot. It can carry casualties and launch missiles. The little GNOM robot. Credit: Temerland Turn on notifications to receive updates on The combat vehicles without pilot are considered indispensable tools in the Modern war and the current … Read more