Footage of chaos and destruction: Australia was hit by a strong earthquake

An earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale struck the southeast in the morning. According to the ABC station, property damage is mainly reported. The authorities did not issue a tsunami warning. “We have not reported serious injuries or worse,” said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. However, he said, the quake scared many people because … Read more

Ridiculous Tactics! Ronald Koeman Installs Gerard Pique As A Striker, Netizens: Barca Destruction

BARCELONA, Ronald Koeman made a strange decision as Barcelona were held to a 1-1 draw by Granada continued Spanish League 2021/2022. Koeman could use a Blaugrana defender Gerard Pique be a striker. The match which took place at the Camp Nou Stadium, Monday (21/9/2021). The Catalan club even fell behind through Domingos Duarte’s quick … Read more

New research center to save fries from destruction

VEG-i-TEC is a “living lab” of Ghent University, which focuses on the vegetable and potato processing industry. The living lab studies – whether or not at the request of companies – innovations that make the sector more sustainable and circular. After all, a lot of water, energy and nutrition is lost during the processing of … Read more

Mayor Hassler to be officiated for destruction of public and private property after 9/11 demonstration

The National Renewal Deputy (RN) Diego Schalper announced that he will officiate the mayor of Santiago, Irací Hassler, for the damage that occurred in the commune after the demonstration that took place last Saturday, September 11, to commemorate the 1973 coup. Through his Twitter account, the official parliamentarian stated that the “Mayor Irací Hassler will … Read more

Call for solution to Ethiopia war: ‘Country cannot afford further destruction’

Nearly sixty African academics call in an open letter for a political solution to the conflict in northern Ethiopia. A civil war has been raging there for almost ten months. It started as a conflict between the rulers in the state of Tigray and the national government in Addis Ababa, but now there is also … Read more

Nest Destruction Mode in Rainbow Six Siege is now playable

At the event, players can look forward to a revised version of the consulate, which has been overrun by Chimera parasites. A team of REACT agents are commissioned here to destroy the nests. A team from Proteus, a deadly Archean variant, is operating on the other side. This in turn takes the form of REACT … Read more

Fires ravage southeastern Europe, the fire and destruction in pictures

In southeastern Europe, authorities have their hands full with a heat wave and large forest fires. In Turkey, Greece and Italy, people have been injured, houses destroyed and tourists and residents evacuated. An overview of the fires in pictures. In Italy the fire brigade called out more than 800 times last weekend for fires in, … Read more

Destruction of the Herrmann-Debroux viaduct: “Brussels goes it alone”, says Willy Borsus

Demolition of the Hermann-Debroux viaduct: the Brussels Government approves the “Delta Herrmann-Debroux” PAD at second reading The Delta Hermann-Debroux Master Plan (PAD), which provides for the demolition of the viaduct, was approved by the Brussels government on Thursday.

Now the flood is raging Austria. Major destruction in alpine towns.

A car was taken by the water masses in Hallein in Austria on Saturday. On Sunday, the flood in the area has increased in strength. Photo: CHRISTOPH KAHL / Reuters / NTB Huge bodies of water flood through several cities in Austria. July 18, 2021 7:24 am Last updated yesterday 18:28 Heavy rains in Salzburg … Read more

The strange “Teardrop” star reveals the death of a hidden supernova (video)

Scientists have discovered two stars in the process of forming a supernova, about 1,500 light-years away from Earth, approaching each other in a sign of “certain doom” for them. Experts led by the British University of Warwick were able to identify a sub-event in the binary star system that bears the code “HD265435” using the … Read more