The detained PZPN activist breaks the silence. Clear message. “Therefore, I declare” Football

Jakub Tabisz broke his silence after being detained by the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau. Vice President Cracovia and member PZPN is suspected of serious crimes. According to the prosecutor’s office, he is accused of “acting to the detriment Polish union Football in the amount of over one million zlotys. In addition, Jakub T. was charged with … Read more

The police detained an Iranian fan. The broadcast on national television was interrupted

this year World Cup in Qatar will surely go down in football history for a long time. And not for purely sporting reasons controversies related mainly to the organization of the event. Stadiums built by thousands of workers who died while working in inhumane conditions, more and more bans of the Qatari for fans and … Read more

They released the Argentine tourist who spent five months detained in Africa for having an expired passport

The Argentine tourist Nicolás Bossie He was released by the Mali authorities after spending five months in detention and incommunicado in that African nation. He could have known TN through official sources from the Argentine Foreign Ministry. However, he will not be able to leave the country, since he is on probation. Also read: Brutal … Read more

The police in Turkey have detained the alleged organizer of the explosion in Istanbul

Police in Istanbul have arrested a man believed to be responsible for a bomb blast that killed at least six people and injured dozens more on a popular shopping street on Sunday. Content will continue after the ad Advertising On Monday morning, Turkish Interior Minister Sileiman Soilu announced that the police had detained the person … Read more

Johor Darul Tazim vs Persis Solo Results in Test Match: Not Reinforced by Jordi Amat, JDT Detained by Laskar Sambernyawa: Okezone Bola

JOHOR – Malaysian team, Johor Darul Tazim (JDT) failed to win at home Persis Solo in the trial match which took place, Saturday 12 November 2022 evening WIB. Playing at home at the Sultan Ibrahim Stadium, Johor, Malaysia, JDT was held by Persis with a score of 1-1. Interestingly, in the trial match, JDT was … Read more

Officers searched the room where Nikita Mirzani was detained, what happened?

Serang, Banten – State Detention Center (prison) Class IIB Serang, searched by officers of the Rutan Security Unit (KPR), including the detention room Nikita Mirzani. The searches were carried out to target drugs and prevent disturbances in security and order behind bars. “In line with the direction of the Director General of Corrections (Dirjen Pas), … Read more

The prison where Nikita Mirzani was detained was searched

Sunday, November 13, 2022 – 07:11 WIB LIVE Showbiz – Jail State (Rutan) Class IIB Serang, where Nikita Mirzani The prison was searched by officers from the Rutan Security Unit (KPR). They target drugs and prevent security disturbances and order behind bars. “In line with the direction of the Director General of Corrections (Dirjen Pas), … Read more

Mistaken as a striptease dancer, this tourist was detained by airport officers

Jakarta – One person tourist humiliated upon arriving at his holiday destination. He was detained by officers, because he was considered too sexy. Reported from The Star Dailythis tourist came from Australia and arrived at United States of America. The tourist named Mikaela Esta came with a female friend. Their appearance so attracted the attention … Read more

20,000 migrants have been detained since the beginning of the year

“Currently, this measure concerns the deployment of approximately six hundred police officers and eighty customs officers for 24 hours. Since the introduction of border controls with Slovakia, a total of 7,384 illegal migrants have been secured. So far, 88 smugglers have been detected,” Josef Urban, spokesman for the foreign police, told Práv. Czech police officers … Read more

Peruvians, Americans and Europeans among whom: ‘they liberate us all’, the tourists detained in the Amazon regain their freedom

Women and children were among the tourists retained, of whom 80 were Peruvians, 27 were from the United States, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. According to Foreign Affairs contacted by us, there is ultimately no Belgian among these tourists. Lots of anxiety, lots of fatigue The office of the ombudsman for human rights … Read more