Eni freezes the Plenitude IPO. “Deteriorated market conditions”

Listen to the audio version of the article Eni has decided to freeze the listing of Plenitude, the company branch specializing in renewable energy. The operation that should have taken place in July has been shelved for the moment due to market turbulence. The group led by Claudio Descalzi has announced its intention to postpone … Read more

May 1st – Scarpetta (OECD): “In Italy the quality of work has deteriorated, a minimum wage is needed. Citizenship income? Insane to take it all away from those who find a job”

Less busy compared to two years ago. A record number of precarious. And more and more forward contracts short: those activated in the last part of 2021, before the war complicated the situation, in two cases out of three lasted less than six months and in one out of four cases less than a week. … Read more

Entrepreneurial sentiment has deteriorated in the construction, manufacturing and services sectors

In March 2022, business confidence indicators declined in construction, manufacturing and services. Only retailers’ sentiment remained positive, according to Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) business survey data. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Business confidence indicators describe the general situation in the sector and are obtained by conducting business surveys in industry, construction, retail trade … Read more

Shim Hyung-rae, annual income of 100 billion won in his prime, “Guan wassa, health deteriorated due to diabetes” after movie failure

[스포츠서울 | 박효실기자] Comedian and film director Shim Hyeong-rae, who was called Korea’s Charlie Chaplin and loved much, recalled the movie ‘Yonggari’, which became the starting point of success and failure. Shim Hyung-rae appeared on MBN’s ‘Fight with God’, which aired on the 27th, and announced that he made a huge profit thanks to his … Read more

Jorge Rial launched a spicy claim amid the rumors of separation with Romina Pereiro: “It is deteriorated”

Jorge Rial decided to make a strong complaint public through his social networks, in the midst of the controversy that ensures that he and Romina Pereiro they are in the middle of a marital crisis again. The journalist used his Instagram stories to make a complaint about the deterioration of the facade of a well-known … Read more

Why has the memory of 48% of the Latvian population deteriorated?

Latvians also complain about the deterioration of memory. Almost half of Latvia’s population admits that memory has deteriorated over the past year, according to the results of health monitoring. Unfortunately, young people also report deteriorating memory. Assessing the performance of their memory over the past year, almost one in two or 48 percent of respondents … Read more

‘Lee Soo-geun ♥’ Park Ji-yeon’s health deteriorated enough to be recommended for a kidney transplant… Still, a ‘local business trip’ working mom

[스포츠조선닷컴 김수현기자] Comedian Lee Soo-geun’s wife Park Ji-yeon left for a business trip. Park Ji-yeon posted a photo on her personal SNS on the 19th, saying, “Today I went from Eumseong to Chuncheon! He continued, “I’m finishing my day now! You did a great job today too. Good night. The response was so hot, I’m … Read more

Parents for the 3rd time, reality TV stars Jazz and Laurent announce sad news: “Our baby’s health has deteriorated”

Pink notebook for reality TV stars. The ex-Angel Jazz and her husband Laurent Corraie welcomed their third child. But a health problem spoiled the happy event. The mother announced the good news to her fans last September. “I am six months pregnant with happiness… I was happy to share these moments only with my family, … Read more

The relationship between the Brazilian Felipe and the beautiful Latvian has deteriorated

Last week, Felipe Gabriel Xavier, a well-known Brazilian from Latvia, announced that he would have to leave the country after living in Latvia for seven years. It has now been revealed that her relationship with the Latvian girl Rēzija has also deteriorated. “It looks like there’s no way to be here anymore. It’s getting harder … Read more