Is the dollar rising? What’s going on

Everything is changing minute by minute, especially in our country, where we have a unstoppable inflation and where the devaluation is imminent, which forces us to constantly think about the current state of the dollar and what to do with our currency, because the reality is that we charge in pesos and our day to … Read more

how is the devaluation of Massa that worries the market

Sergio Massa will put into practice his riskiest move: solving the problem of the “short blanket” that arises from having to choose whether to prioritize imports for industry or Central Bank reserves. And he will do it in the only possible way; that is, with a devaluation. But it will be a devaluation in his … Read more

Dollar: the reasons why it can reach 5,200 at the end of 2022 – Sectors – Economy

Although both the Minister of Finance, José Antonio Ocampo, and the analyst José Ignacio Murcia Gallego, president of Valton Capital, agree that the price of the dollar is one of the most unpredictable variables, the latter warns that the current situation not only in Colombia but throughout the planet, it gives to think that the … Read more

Expectations of a devaluation jump in the short term give way and rates fall

Thus, in yesterday’s session, the declines in implicit rates throughout the curve were 6.6% on average, compared to the last session in September. As for the short section, the most pronounced drops were observed, given that they fell 11.4% in the average of the next three months. John Ignatius Bob Lehmannstock operator in Rofex, highlighted … Read more

DUAL BONDS: how to hedge against inflation and devaluation

Given the uncertainty about what could happen to the dollar and inflation, the Government decided to offer a bond that is highly demanded by investors By Christian A. Buteler 03/10/2022 – 11,00hs The american market cut its bull run, which has been going on for 14 years, and continues to deepen his fall. Although the … Read more

Simulate a fixed term with a new interest rate: how much can you earn

The fixed term It’s one of the most popular savings instruments from Argentina. Among the reasons why it is chosen over other options are its ease of operation, the guaranteed interest rate, among other features. Currently, as a way of encourage savings in national currency, the national government has significantly increased the interest rate of … Read more

Does it rise for the season or artificial devaluation? Contrary views between importers and exporters

The appraisal last August 1st of reference by the Bank of Guatemala (Banguat) was of Q7.72, but in this week it reached Q7.82. In the banks of the system, the reference for the sale is Q7.95 and for the purchase Q7.65. Jorge Briz, president of the Guatemalan Chamber of Commerce (CCG) and Amador Carballido, general … Read more

Future dollar, market thermometer: is devaluation expected?

the market of future dollar It usually has two main roles in the look forward of the investor: it works as a change insurance or as a coverage before a possible devaluation and can also be a thermometer of what the market expects for the evolution of the exchange rate. In recent months, Implicit rates … Read more

After increases in services, what salaries does a typical family need

In September 2021, the basket of services was $101.66, while in September 2022 this same family should spend $118,928. The details By Damián Di Pace – Economic Analyst 22/09/2022 – 09,40hs It will be difficult for the Government to lower the inflation for the rest of the year finding a new monthly floor of 6%. … Read more

Drought, blackouts, quarantines, real estate crisis, devaluation, economic slowdown: how the problems in China affect Argentina and the world economy

Controls in Chengdu, one of the cities recently confined and affected by the drop in activity (Reuters). Drought, blackouts, severe debt problems in the real estate sector, devaluation. China, until a few years ago the locomotive of the world economy, is experiencing problems that are already reflected in a marked slowdown in its rate of … Read more