Encourage the Community to Prevent Diabetes Early to Avoid the Impact of Climate Change

PROKAL.CO, Jakarta – In commemoration of World Health Day 2021, Tropicana Slim held the 2021 #BeatDiabetes Online Festival with the aim of inviting Indonesians to prevent and fight diabetes. This year, Tropicana Slim raises a new theme on an issue that is very close to people’s daily lives, namely climate change and its impact on … Read more

Can Diabetics Fasting?

INDOZONE.ID – Diabetes is a comorbid disease that exacerbates the impact COVID-19. And in a moment, we will enter the moon Ramadhan where to endure hunger and thirst and do good. However, can fasting be done by people with diabetes as well? The answer is very possible but with some conditions. Please note that by … Read more

Have Diabetes, Can You Follow Fasting? Here are the Rules According to the Doctor

Jakarta – Diabetes is a comorbid disease that exacerbates the impact of COVID-19. Welcoming Ramadan in the midst of a pandemic, fasting seems to be a good step for people with diabetes, but with certain conditions and conditions. What did the doctor say? “If those whose blood sugar has been controlled while fasting, the tendency … Read more

Urgent! Here’s How to Know How Big Your Diabetes Risk

Jakarta – Diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar levels that exceed normal limits. There are still many people who do not realize diabetes is very dangerous because it can cause many health complications. As explained by the International Diabetes Federation, high blood sugar levels in diabetics can increase the risk of developing a number … Read more

Can Diabetics Who Are Also Covid-19 Survivors Receive Vaccines? All pages

KOMPAS.com – The Covid-19 vaccination process in Indonesia is still ongoing. Covid-19 vaccine injections are given in stages according to the priority groups set by the government. On social media, many questions are asked warganet. One of them, someone asked if the sufferer diabetes which too survivor Covid-19 can get the Covid-19 vaccine. Also read: … Read more

Happy news for diabetes sufferers, these are 10 foods that are safe for consumption, guaranteed not to cause complications! – All Pages

Freepik From salmon to broccoli, here are 10 foods that are safe for consumption by diabetics. Report from Grid.ID Journalist, Devi Agustiana Grid.ID – If you suffer diabetes, it can be difficult to know what types of food are safe to control blood sugar. But as it turns out, there are plenty of friendly foods … Read more

Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Are Danger Factors of Covid-19 Infection

Suara.com – Researchers reveal that there are other factors that affect the risk of transmission of the corona virus that causes Covid-19, namely type 2 diabetes and obesity. Quoted from Healthshots, people with type 2 diabetes have a high risk of experiencing severe complications, and can even develop symptomatic infections. The findings of a new … Read more

The Severe Impact of Diabetes & Diabetes on Covid-19, and Other Popular News

Suara.com – All this time Covid-19 affects everyone differently. A new study even reveals that diabetes and obesity are dangerous factors for Covid-19. Meanwhile, after being injected with the Covid-19 vaccine, many people feel sore hands. There are special ways to reduce the soreness. The two reports were the most popular news on the health … Read more

Benefits of Reducing Sugar Consumption for the Body, Avoid Diabetes and Heart Disease

Freepik / jcomp Benefits of reducing sugar consumption for health Bobo.id – Gula is one of the common ingredients used to give a sweet taste to food. Although delicious, gula turns out to be a boomerang for the health of our bodies. Especially if you eat it too often. Bad effects caused by consumption gula … Read more