Ready to escalate? Seven levels of preparation for «Diablo IV»

The launch of «Diablo IV» is my gaming highlight of the decade. If you feel the same way, my suggestions will help you prepare. Seven more sleeps until the hordes of Lilith descend on Sanctuary. If, like me, you’re a victim of the “Diablo IV” hype, you’ve probably thrown Blizzard the necessary premium for the … Read more

PEGI fines only 5,000 euros for Diablo Immortal loot boxes

Ratings body PEGI has handed out some fines to companies that were not transparent about the presence of loot boxes and similar mechanics in one of their games. It’s about Activision Blizzard, which didn’t clearly state that Diablo Immortal would contain loot boxes, and Plaion, which did not disclose that the Limited Bounty Hunter Edition … Read more

Diablo IV event is getting Diablo: Immortal

The originally mobile spinoff game will receive a new event next month due to the numbered sequel, which will include new missions, zones and a new playable character. One year after the release of the mobile game with a mixed reception, the Blizzard is now adding a themed event to the game. The event will … Read more

The world of Diablo IV implemented in a hidden space in the Seoul subway, “Hell Station” opens today > News

news body Blizzard Entertainment officially opened Hellstation, a Diablo IV experience zone implemented in a hidden space in the history of Yeongdeungpo Market Station in Seoul, ahead of the worldwide release of Diablo IV, the next game in the Diablo series, on June 6. Through this, the world and program details of Diablo IV, which … Read more

So “Diablo 4” can be played four days before release

In a few weeks it’s finally time! Diablo 4 is finally coming to PC and console. The anticipation for June 6, when the game will be released at 1:00 a.m., is correspondingly high. However, if you can’t wait that long, you can an early access to acquire. Although this is significantly more expensive than the … Read more

Diablo IV wipes the floor with hellish scum in launch trailer

Blizzard Entertainment has released the launch trailer of Diablo IV unloaded to prepare you for the hellish battles. Not only does it look cool, we also get an overview of different gameplay elements. For example, the trailer below takes a look at the skills of the different classes. May Lilith’s armies begin to tremble, for … Read more

Diablo IV shows everything in the game’s launch trailer – Sina Hong Kong

文章: Eirik Hyldbakk Furu – Those of us who got Diablo IV so hyped up that we pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition are only two weeks away from getting it, and Blizzard won’t let us forget that. It seems the company plans to give us a couple of launch trailers, as we received a game … Read more

Let’s make skeletons tenacious again, or Blizzard has released a hotfix for Diablo IV

The check of the servers of the online action-RPG has just started Diablo IV, the community flooded Blizzard with complaints about the unreasonable weakening of the necromancer and his Book of the Dead. The reaction was not long in coming. Important from the Diablo IV MBT: Russian dubbing and the funeral of a necromancer on … Read more

Blizzard is providing more details on plans for microtransactions in Diablo IV

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