Song Zhiling’s flash marriage next year and An Dezun playing tricks: at least there must be a giant diamond|

December 03, 2022 20:15 Last Updated: 04th 00:03 An Dezun (King) and Song Zhiling are the permanent hosts of TVB’s life variety show. The two partners have hosted “Urban Leisure” and “Popular City” together for many years, and they have been in love from time to time. Earlier, An Dezun was asked by Ma Junwei … Read more

Miao Keli’s “wearing a diamond ring” posted a photo of holding hands and revealed the good news of “towards a new life”: I can finally say it! | Entertainment | CTWANT

51-year-old actress Miao Keli today (28th) suddenly posted a photo of holding hands “wearing a diamond ring” and wrote: “After holding back for so long, I can finally say, holding hands and marching towards a new life, thank you Everyone.” At the end of the article, he also emphasized “very happy”. As soon as the … Read more

Planet Sultan, Diamond Rain Occurs on Uranus and Neptune – Diamond Rain is a common occurrence on the planets Uranus and Neptune. These two planets have different compositions from other planets in the solar system namely water, methane and ammonia. Experts used to refer to these molecules as “ice” and to rain “diamonds” on the inside of the planet. Both icy planets likely … Read more

The soccer World Cup is not exciting because of ‘depopulation and the Tokyo Olympics’ | Behind the information warfare | Diamond Online

Photo:Mohamed Farag/gettyimages Date, country, broadcast rights… There is another fundamental reason why it does not thrive “Huh? Wasn’t the soccer World Cup more exciting in the past?” With the start of the World Cup soccer tournament in Qatar, I hear many such voices on SNS. This is by no means an illusion, as some sports … Read more

Fashion designer J. Statkevičius: “A cavalier can run away, but a diamond cannot”

Recently, the jewelry studio INDIVI together with the famous fashion designer Juoz Statkevičius presented a limited edition collection of jewelry with diamonds. Admired by famous women, the jewelry is united by a common element – an elegant diamond ribbon. “Ribbon is my favorite knot. It is symbolic, as the beginning and the end of everything. … Read more

The man who discovered the find with a metal detector realized its value only after taking it home: a sensitive message of love in a medieval gold ring with a diamond

Local resident David Board, 69, who discovered the ring, said he had only been doing it for a few years. It is true that earlier, 50 years ago, he explored the local beaches, but that time he did not find anything special and valuable, so he had lost his mind for a long time. However, … Read more

More are being sought by bikers, what are the advantages of Maxxis Diamond motorcycle tires?

Isal/ Many bikers are looking for, what are the advantages of Maxxis Diamond motorcycle tires? – Ban motor Maxxis Diamonds are currently being sought after by bikers. Maxxis Diamond which is only available for automatic motorbikes, is now the target of bikers. So what are the advantages of Maxxis Diamond tires that are being … Read more

Man finds $40,000 diamond ring on Florida beach with metal detector | Home

Joseph Cooke finds a very valuable object on a Florida beach with his metal detector. When his device goes off, he thinks he found a coin, but it was a diamond ring. Jewelers tell him the ring is worth $40,000, which is about $39,000. He searches for the owner on social media and he finds … Read more

“Wonderland” Japan that does not get angry even with low annual income, prices rise by 4% in one year, but annual income rises by 3% in 20 years | This Week’s Weekly Diamond Highlights | Diamond Online

diamond editorial department “Weekly Diamond” November 26 issue‘s first feature is “High profit & high annual income industry company map”. What is reflected in the latest edition of the average annual income ranking is that the top companies are not only high-income companies, but also representative high-profit companies. In fact, the reality is that the … Read more

Diamond Rain in Space, Earth Citizens Can Be Rich?

JAKARTA, – Rain of diamonds is not just a fictional story. But in other parts of space, this phenomenon can happen. A study uses plastic to create the unique precipitation that forms on Uranus and Neptune. According to physicist at German HZDR and study author, Dominik Kraus, the precipitation of diamonds on both of … Read more