Gastón Pauls broke down and confirmed what everyone thought about Maradona: “He was part of it”

Gaston Pauls broke down remembering Diego Maradona with a personal anecdote. the driver of free beingswho in one of the last chapters of his program interviewed Dalmaspoke without filters about “the last years” of the life of the Argentine star and was moved to tears. Remembering the talk he had with Diego Maradona in the … Read more

Argentina national team: the 2026 operation is underway

With six and a half places secured, qualifying for the 2026 World Cup will be a smooth ride. Ideal even so that Scaloni, from September against Ecuador, can test the necessary adjustments and spare parts. After the conquest of the first World Cup, in 1978, DT César Menotti opted for the confirmation of the old … Read more

The Englishman mocked the death of Maradona. Italian fans are hunting him

English fan Jake Hepple, whose identity is already known, did not succeed in this. He went to Italy’s match against England, played in Naples at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, and had his picture taken with a flag that contained an inscription mocking the death of the legendary Argentinian footballer. The Italian fans, for whom … Read more

Dalma Maradona told for the first time what her childhood was like with her father’s addictions

Sunday, March 19, 2023 11:00 Dalma Maradona was the first guest on the return of Seres Libres, the program that leads Gaston Pauls on the Crónica TV screen. There she decided to open her heart, remember her childhood and talk about her father’s addiction, Diego Maradona. Related news The actress opened up and admitted that … Read more

How Pelé ended up in a bitter feud with Maradona: “He was deflowered by a man”

©  REUTERS Today they can kick a ball together in football heaven, but until a few years ago they just didn’t roll down the street fighting. Or how an online poll helped spark a terrible feud between Pelé and Diego Maradona. “He has been deflowered by a man.” Koen Van Uytvange Thursday, December 29, 2022 … Read more

Argentina’s triumph sparked a tattoo mania. Messi’s statement about the idiot is also to blame

The frenzy of Argentine fans after the victory of their footballers in Qatar continues even in the birthplace of Lionel Messi, the million-strong city of Rosario. For example, tattoo parlors are busy there now, and they don’t have time to process orders. Thousands of Argentinians want to have Messi and other players of the star … Read more

Madness in Argentina, people swooned with emotion. France is said to be mowing down the camel coronavirus

With Argentina’s progress in the Qatar championship, the streets of Argentine cities have been increasingly colored blue and white, but before Sunday’s final, fans are falling into a football frenzy. Some hope that the luck of Messi’s team will be brought, for example, by the same jerseys as in 1986, when Argentina last became world … Read more

Claudia Villafañe spoke of her uncomfortable meeting with Lucía Galán: “I am not spiteful”

Claudia Villafane y Lucia Galanex-partners of Diego MardonaThey ran into each other at an event. and the mother of Dalma y Gianina Maradona He gave details of the face to face. Although intruders They remarked that the meeting would have been awkward, Claudia clarified that everything is fine with the singer. “I greeted Lucía like … Read more

dedicated a tattoo to her and to Diego

After Gianina Maradona share photos of your new tattoos dedicated to his father Diego Maradonawas shown again in the tattooist’s studio with Daniel Osvaldo, his ex-partner. days after he publicly confirmed the separationmade the decision to get a tattoo inspired by a meaningful photo which has as its protagonist football star and his daughter, Giannina. … Read more