No ID. Digital identity is inevitable, the EU is preparing it

The European Commission is responding to the fact that during a pandemic, a substantial part of life has moved to the digital environment. “Electronic identification is a necessary condition without which we cannot do without online services,” underlines the importance of the proposal Jiří Korbel, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior. According to … Read more

how to win without having a single bitcoin

The CNV is studying a Matba-Rofex project to offer futures markets, which would open the door for trading instruments based on cryptocurrencies After six months of uncertainty, in which it fell 50% with its peak in April, Bitcoin hit a new all-time high in October and floats back to the $ 60,000 range. According to … Read more

Cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, fintech: salaries, market jobs

It is one of the most dynamic and growing sectors in Argentina and the region. What knowledge do they require and what are the salaries? While the Bitcoin It lost almost 50% of its price and wanders in the range of $ 30,000 to $ 40,000, Argentines keep betting strong, to the point that there … Read more