Families of US diplomats will leave Ukraine. The EU remains and intends to send a billion euros – ČT24 – Czech Television

The US State Department stressed that the US Embassy in Kiev remains open. Announcement for diplomatic families does not mean evacuation. The move has reportedly been considered for some time and is not a sign of weakening US support for Ukraine, US diplomats said. According to international relations expert Karel Svoboda, the Americans do not … Read more

Arms supplies will not save Ukraine, experts say. The agreement with Russia may be based on nuclear weapons – ČT24 – Czech Television

Former Foreign Minister Svoboda considers the outcome of the Geneva talks to be an “extremely poor result”. According to him, expectations were high, but the result has not yet come. In the negotiations, the West must change its strategy and offer something. Russia will withstand enormous pressure. Ditrych also believes that a reciprocal strategy should … Read more

The Taliban are going to Norway. He wants to avert a humanitarian catastrophe

A delegation from the ruling Islamist Afghan movement, the Taliban, will arrive in Norway on Sunday for three-day talks aimed at easing the country’s humanitarian crisis. According to Reuters, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry informed about it on Friday. Taliban officials will meet in Norway from 23 to 25 January with representatives of the Norwegian government … Read more

The USA and Germany want a diplomatic solution to the crisis around Ukraine, Russia warns of sanctions – ČT24 – Czech Television

“The only way out of the crisis is through political, through dialogue,” Baerbock said. “Unfortunately, Russia speaks a different language.” The German minister again called on Moscow to allay the current tense tensions. “All other steps will have serious consequences.” Blinken, who, like Baerbock, warned Moscow of the severe consequences of an invasion of Ukraine, … Read more

NATO wants to submit written proposals for armaments to Russia. Blinken will meet with Lavrov – ČT24 – Czech Television

“We want to make written proposals. We told the Russians that we would submit these written proposals to them, “said Stoltenberg in conversation, which he provided to Der Spiegel magazine on Tuesday afternoon. “These proposals will make it clear that we are ready to sit down at a table and discuss everything. We will also … Read more

Head of German diplomacy: Berlin sees no alternative to good relations with Moscow

“During the visit, I would like to emphasize the importance of relations with the Russian Federation to the new government and to me personally. There is no alternative to good and stable relations between Moscow and Berlin, so I would like to continue working on this task. I am speaking here on behalf of the … Read more

US-Russia dispute: diplomacy – without results, the risk of war does not diminish

The Americans and Russians talked for a long time in Geneva. Then in Brussels, where a special meeting of the NATO-Russia Council took place, and in Vienna, where representatives of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) met. A big breakthrough may not have been expected – few expected the West to publicly … Read more

After Brexit, the City shaken but still reigns in Europe

One year after the effective entry into force of Brexit, the City has seen itself overtaken by its continental rivals in stock brokerage but has not experienced the dreaded mass exodus of bankers and remains the leading financial center in Europe. “London has been a global financial center for hundreds of years” and the chances … Read more

“Understand this once and for all.” Sikorski responds to Lavrov

Russian diplomats posted an entry on social media in which they cite the words of the country’s foreign minister. Sergey Lavrov, who has criticized NATO not for the first time, once again used the comparison concerning the “orphanhood” of the former Soviet bloc countries. – NATO has become a purely geopolitical project aimed at taking … Read more

Head of French diplomacy: Russia would like to address security in Europe without Europeans

“Yes, they would like that because there is no very good opinion of the EU,” the minister said in a live radio broadcast on the RMC and in response to a question from the journalist. “We, for our part, say that there can be no European security without the participation of the Europeans themselves,” he … Read more