No cars! Revealed after SCT tax regulation: ‘order’ detail in discount… – The right address for financial news

The SCT base update was put into effect on Thursday, November 24. Finally, the changing bases in August 2021 were increased with the new decision. The basis for the 45% SCT rate is from 120 thousand liras to 184 thousand liras; The basis for the SCT rate was increased from 200 thousand liras to 280 … Read more

I would rather let the brand lose money than discount it! Victoria Beckham, who has tens of millions of debts, actually has a “business” mind- A Day Magazine

Since fashion-loving Victoria Beckham founded her namesake fashion brand in 2008, her sharp tailoring has attracted the love of many celebrities and consumers. However, she just released her work at Paris Fashion Week last month. Behind the seemingly beautiful brand, she is facing serious losses and high debts, but Victoria Beckham still sticks to her … Read more

The discount only for the poor is a myth, says the owner. What the chains don’t want is sold at a discount

Approaching expiration date, bad label, or just manufacturers’ excess inventory. Goods rejected by the chains go to the shelves of the so-called discount stores. Although their quality does not differ in any way compared to the established competition, the price is significantly lower. This is also why these stores are gaining more and more popularity … Read more

Xbox Series X Black Friday Exciting Discount Flash Report

Play more than 400 fun games through Game Pass, and there are many super masterpieces that will be available on Game Pass when they are launched on Day 1! Including: Diablo Three Kingdoms action game “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls”, the famous Japanese RPG “Goddess of Records 4 Gold Edition, 3 Pocket Edition”, the long-awaited large-scale … Read more

nice discount on a Viewsonic 32-inch gamer screen

Notice to gamers: the ViewSonic VX3218 PC screen is less than 210 euros on Cdiscount. This 32-inch curved screen has maximum responsiveness and fluidity up to 165 Hz! Finding a good gaming screen consists mainly of choosing between 3 parameters: responsiveness, fluidity of the display and resolution. Here is a very good screen at a … Read more

Learn about the promotions on phones that WOM will have this Black Friday with up to 44% discount

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated dates of the year for discounts and, for all those who are looking to change their smartphone, WOM has launched different promotions on 4G and 5G equipment, with discounts of up to 44% on equipment renewal or portability. . The offers, which will be available until Monday, … Read more

Change the fuel discount in Friuli, here’s what will happen

“Greater discounts, more flexibility and effectiveness, more technology. These are the three main trends followed by the update of the so-called ‘fuel law’ in Friuli Venezia Giulia. We will therefore guarantee support for citizens againespecially in this historical moment, to reduce the costs for the purchase of fuel and at the same time we will … Read more

Black Friday discount 2022: a good helper to prevent travel loss, Tile, AirTag up to 30% off

Black Friday Deals 2022: A good helper to prevent falling off, Tile, AirTag up to 30% off The Engadget editorial team is committed to searching for high-quality products and preferential prices for you. Some of the linked merchants in the article have a cooperative relationship with Engadget, and the pricing and supply may change. Everything … Read more