Apple Music has been revealed to have a bug, and users report strange display of other people’s playlists – – Tech Focus – Digital

I wonder if any Apple Music users have encountered strange situations when opening the app recently? A few days ago, a Reddit user shared that in the Apple Music app, a playlist belonging to someone else was displayed strangely, and an unknown playlist was merged with the user’s existing playlist. immediately【click here]use the App to … Read more

Nervousness about the state of banks spills over into other sectors in the markets. I buy Komerční banka at a discount, but also mining companies, says an experienced investor

Global markets were rocked in March by the collapse and takeover of several major banks, led by Credit Suisse and Silicon Valley Bank. It wasn’t just shares in the financial sector that lost, lower prices opened up buying opportunities in other areas as well, says experienced investor Jaroslav Šura, who was a guest of Roman … Read more

iOS 16.4 new feature adds iCloud shared album duplicate photo detection function- – Technology Focus- iPhone

The new features of iOS 16.4, in addition to the new emoji and network push notifications mentioned in the past, will also add a duplicate photo detection function to the iCloud shared album, so that the iCloud storage capacity will be more effective. immediately【click here]use the App to watch more product unboxing videos Apple itself … Read more

Xbox Store may land on iOS and Android next year, depending on whether Microsoft can successfully acquire Blizzard- – Game Animation- Gaming Games

Recently, Microsoft not only has a very topical new trend in artificial intelligence, but also has new news in the gaming business. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Gaming, has announced that the Xbox Store may land on the iOS and Android platforms next year. Play Xbox games easily on your mobile screen. immediately【click here]use the … Read more

Japan Travel|Kanagawa 1-day tour half-price discount $279/person! Fans of “A Man in a Bottle” must go to Kamakura High School and then visit Kamakura Buddha and Enoshima

Japan Travel|Kanagawa 1-day tour half-price discount $279/person! Fans of “A Man in a Bottle” must go to Kamakura High School and then visit Kamakura Buddha and Enoshima The return of “A Man in a Bottle” has become even more popular. After watching the movie, of course everyone has to make a pilgrimage to Kamakura, the … Read more

Peugeot changes the prices of its cars for a few days. A discount of up to 185,000 applies to SUVs

Price turbulence If we look for a car with a lion in the emblem, which changed prices the most in the past year, the clear winner is the Peugeot 3008. Last year, it adjusted its price list a total of five times, while keeping the last changes until the end of the year. He has … Read more

IDR 5 Million Discount, Installments Starting at IDR 3 Million

Jakarta – The All New Toyota Agya and All New Toyota Agya GR Sport will appear at Kota Kasablanka Mall, 22-26 March 2023. During the event, there will be promos and special discounts! Toyota Astra Motor is holding a special public exhibition agenda for All New Agya and All New Agya GR Sport for 22-26 … Read more

Discussion – Unbelievable discount. Philips LightStrip Plus LED strip and Hue Bridge cost just 999 CZK – Živě.cz

If a person has built an entire household on Philips, then it is not completely to be thrown away. For example, I took one set, because now I can connect lights/LEDs with ambilight on a Philips TV for normal money. For me, one of the best features that a TV can have and I certainly … Read more

Packages of discount service operators – News

And this despite the fact that all operators have increased their tariffs in recent months. Compared to other countries, even when services are combined, Czech customers sometimes pay several times more. The law compared standard prices for services, i.e. not, for example, a lower price for one service for the first few months. With T-Mobile, … Read more

Chuwi GemiBook xPro and Chuwi CoreBook X laptops are offered at a discount

Read full version 20.03.2023 12:23, Vladimir Myronenko Chuwi announced the upcoming start of sales of the next generation laptop Chuwi CoreBook X Free Download based on Intel Core i3-1215U, which will be available for purchase on AliExpress from March 20th. As part of the debut, the novelty will be available at a discount. Laptop discounts … Read more