Steam launched the “Taipei Game Show” special store, featuring hundreds of indie game recommendations and special discounts | 4Gamers

The 2023 Taipei Game Show (Taipei Game Show 2023) will be grandly launched on February 2, and the Steam platform that gathers the most games will also bringGame Show Exclusive Store Theme Eventthis is also the first time that Steam has cooperated with the theme of the Taipei Game Show. According to the Computer Association, … Read more

Food prices, Economy and business | The scholarship is not enough: Sandra (20) hunts for discounts to afford food

Sandra Moldskred (20) from Hareid in Sunnmøre is in her first year of nursing studies at VID in Bergen. Through a maze of shelves and foodstuffs, she shares her best saving tips with BA. – I shop twice a week. On Mondays I do bulk shopping and on Fridays I shop for the weekend. – … Read more

Free games for the weekend with Yakuza, Sonic, God of War and 13 other offers and discounts that you should take advantage of

Here we are one more Saturday, ready to shake your wallets. We bring you the best selection of free and sale games for this weekend on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC. To fatten the catalog, let’s go there. Free games this weekend Scarlet Nexus it is free to play on steamBut you don’t keep … Read more

At the tourism exhibition “Adventur 2023” – discounts on flights and attractive travel offers | Life

This year Adventur 2023 welcomes us with the slogan “Let’s celebrate the journey”. This year’s exhibition is divided into three thematic areas. The first area is dedicated to local travel and named “Know Lithuania”, the second area is for active recreation, and the third area is for traveling around the world. According to the organizers … Read more

Discounts on health and well-being at Carlos Fuentes

The beginning of the year is always accompanied by many resolutions to improve the quality of life. for what, during the month of January, the Carlos Fuentes Bookstore offers 20% discount on Health and wellness titles that you can consult at the following link: Some of the discounted publications are: To magic by Rhonda … Read more

And, build, erect! Steam Construction Game Discounts Start

▲ Steam Construction Game Festival (Photo source: Steam official website) Steam started the Steam Construction Game Festival from 3 am on the 24th. The Steam Construction Game Festival, which is being held this time, is an event that focuses on games that require the ‘construction spirit’ to build habitable spaces regardless of the number or … Read more

After its theft spread… Preserve your car’s tire with a “rim lock” for 2

11:29 PM Sunday, January 22, 2023 The phenomenon of car tire theft has spread widely during the recent period, and more than one gang formed to steal car tires has been arrested in many governorates of the Republic. With the increase in the prices of auto parts, especially tires and rims, which have doubled in … Read more

POCO smartphones enjoy extra discounts in the Hekaa online store; Here’s how much the POCO F4 GT and POCO X4 GT cost

In the middle of the week, new discounts come from Hekka, a retailer that offers us two phones, but not anyway, but with extra discounts. It is on the list POCO F4 GT and POCO X4 GT, terminals that have also passed through our hands and that offer a balance between price and features. I … Read more

Price deals? Mass inspections in stores, i.e. the Omnibus Directive, are starting

ga–news#sendEvent copy->news–copy#copy [email protected]>news–poll-placement#place”> photo: Krzysztof Mystkowski/KFP ” class=”photoMarker__link” data-filter-brightness=”brightness–100″> Inspections in six retail chains have already started, and 40 entrepreneurs have already been sent notices regarding possible irregularities. The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection will check the market’s adjustment to the new regulations resulting from the Omnibus Directive. From January 2023, new regulations resulting … Read more