Microsoft’s ‘Surface Studio 3’ was discovered by the FCC ahead of its October release

Source: FCC The surface brand all-in-one (AIO) PC ‘Surface Studio 3’, which is expected to be released by Microsoft (MS) next month, was discovered on the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website, foreign media reported on the 22nd (local time). Most documents submitted by Microsoft contain confidentiality until February 28, 2023, but some documents may … Read more

Covid-like virus discovered in bats

Covid-like virus discovered in bats Scientists in the US have warned that the disease may be resistant to existing vaccines. According to the new development, there is growing evidence that sarbecoviruses, members of the coronavirus family, are common in Asia and Eastern Europe. Lead author of the study, Dr. “Our research also shows that sarbecoviruses … Read more

Granite quarries in Buddusò, discovered one of the largest deposits of rare materials in Europe

The critical raw materials they are materials of strategic economic importance for Europe, they are fundamental for many industrial activities and even more so for the ecological transition. Now a discovery by the University of Ferrara puts the island at the center. In granite quarry of Buddusò there is one of the most important potential … Read more

A potential deposit of rare materials among the largest in Europe has been discovered in Sardinia La Nuova Sardegna

Sassari The University of Ferrara has discovered in the Buddusò marble quarry, in the province of Sassari, one of the most important potential deposits of critical raw materials in Europe. It is one of the first results of the Regs II project “Recycling of granite scaps II” financed with European Life funds and of the … Read more

Children’s bodies also discovered in Izyum mass grave, Russian torture rooms in city | Don’t miss these stories

reportageAt least 450 bodies have recently been discovered in the forests of the Ukrainian city of Izyum. The investigation is still in full swing. The Belgian newspaper The last news went to the ruined city and spoke to the remaining inhabitants. “We were terrified that the Russians would take us to the police station, that’s … Read more

A young man married his girlfriend and on the night of the wedding he looked at her between her legs and discovered a shocking surprise that made him divorce her immediately and run away.. You won’t believe what he found!!

2022/09/20 It’s 09:30 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite A famous Arab media figure fell into the scandal, hours after the end of her wedding, and the night she entered turned into hell after her husband discovered that she was no longer a girl, so he divorced her immediately. In the details of the news, … Read more

A rare event that surprised scientists for the first time.. Details of a meteorite landing on Earth in England, and this is what they discovered inside it

Exclusive translation: Scientists have revealed, for the first time, the presence of extraterrestrial water in a meteorite that came from an asteroid somewhere near Jupiter, and landed in the United Kingdom in the town of Gloucestershire last year. The scientists found that the composition of this water is “very similar” to the composition of the … Read more

A life-saving remedy for the RS virus has been discovered for babies

Every year, 150 to 200 babies with the RS virus (respiratory syncytial virus) end up in the ICU in the Netherlands. The RS virus is the second leading cause of death in infants worldwide. Researchers from Amsterdam UMC discovered an antibody that protects against this life-threatening virus for newborns. Today the EMA issued a positive … Read more

Ukraine: interesting finds were discovered in the liberated city

The State Investigation Bureau (VTB) announced this on its Telegram channel, UNIAN reports. “While carrying out stabilization measures in the liberated territories, VTB employees also find interesting findings. A reserve command post of Russian forces was found on the outskirts of Balaklia,” the report reads. “Among other things, the Raschists dragged a whole arsenal of … Read more

Rare Burial Cave in Israel Discovered From Ramses II Era

AFP/Israeli Antiquities Authority NOS News•Sunday, 22:02 Israeli archaeologists have discovered a burial cave from the time of the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II, who died in 1213 BC. The authorities speak of an extremely rare discovery. In the cave are dozens of pottery and bronze objects in various shapes and sizes. The cave is located on … Read more