A newly discovered feature of the Milky Way has the scientific community baffled – Enseñame de Ciencia

Astronomical events seem to be in fashion and it is that thanks to the hard efforts of scientists focused on studying space and our galaxy in particular, truly amazing findings have been made. Like the one recently reported by a group of researchers. The discovery Recently, researchers from the UC Santa Cruz University of California … Read more

Scientists discovered a rare large meteorite in Antarctica

Scientists claim to have found an extremely rare meteorite containing some of the oldest material in the solar system, in Antarctica. – When we saw it sitting by itself in the middle of the blue ice, we were all excited, says Chicago Field Museum researcher Maria Valdes to the Chicago Tribune, reproduced by New York … Read more

Many more counterfeit euro notes discovered, especially those of lousy quality | Economy

In the past year, the number of counterfeit euro banknotes found in the Netherlands has almost doubled. According to the Dutch Bank (DNB), it mainly concerns poorly counterfeit bills. A total of 38,200 counterfeit banknotes were withdrawn from circulation, a significant increase compared to the previous year. The increase can be attributed to a number … Read more

The newly discovered exoplanet may have nuclear fusion in its interior

An international research team has seen signs of fusion in the core of a distant planet. The exoplanet orbits the star HD 206893, which is 130 light-years away and about 30 percent larger than our Sun. The first observations of the planet were made using the Gaia space telescope. The telescope’s main task is astrometry … Read more

Meteorite with billions of years old material discovered in Antarctica | Abroad

Weighing about 7 kilograms and “the size of a pumpkin,” the meteorite was discovered on January 5 by an international team at the end of their 11-day expedition. “We were ecstatic when we found him.” Ⓒ Maria Valdes/ SWNS The meteorite, containing material billions of years old, is one of the largest meteorites ever found … Read more

The world-conquering diet is interesting not only for Hollywood celebrities – it is being discovered by more and more people who want to overcome troublesome health problems

aA There are many diets or nutrition plans in the world and, frankly, it is not easy to choose the right and effective one for you. One diet carefully studied by scientists at the end of the last century became extremely popular 15 years ago and has not lost its relevance to this day. This … Read more

An 1,800-year-old Roman city discovered in Luxor. Archaeologists: “An entire residential settlement, found intact”

An exceptional discovery for the place and for the conservation of the remains. An 1,800-year-old Roman city has been located at Luxor, the Thebes of the pharaohs, about 500 km south of Cairo. According to Egyptian archaeologists, it is “an entire residential city, found intact” on the east bank of the Nile. Dating back to … Read more

Viruses: Ancient specimens discovered in our DNA – what are they doing?

When we catch cold, it’s either from infectious viruses or bacteria. But our immune system usually kills the pathogens after a few days. However, it is also possible that a residual virus remains and lodges deep in your body. These are so-called human endogenous retroviruses (HERV), which make themselves comfortable in your DNA. Some of … Read more

As a result of customs control, more than 27,000 units of fake toys, perfumery and others were discovered last year – Events

photo; https://www.ziemellatvija.lv/ Officials of the Customs Administration of the State Revenue Service (SRS), during the control of cargo and shipments, discovered 27,379 units of counterfeit goods in a total of 207 cases in 2022. 70% of all counterfeit goods were toys, 23% were perfumes, and the rest were clothes, shoes, bags, mobile phones and other … Read more

New bacterial cell wall recycling transporter discovered

The transporter that Professor Felipe Cava and PhD student Michael Gilmore at Umeå University have discovered is crucial for the cell wall integrity of the plant pathogen Agrobacterium tumefaciens, which is a suitable laboratory model for certain human pathogens. Bacteria are surrounded by a protective exoskeleton, the cell wall. The cell wall is important to … Read more