Summer discoveries at the Banlieues Bleues Summer Camp

Since June 24, and until July 24, the Summer Camp of Banlieues Bleues is a month of free concerts in Seine-Saint-Denis. A program focused on the African continent, presented by its director Xavier Leduire. Two months after the end of its 39th edition, the festival Blue Suburbs is back in service with its summer version: … Read more

One of them raining jewels.. 2022 sparkles with amazing planetary discoveries – Cedar News

2022 is a historic year for the discovery of new and wonderful worlds, as the number of planets discovered by NASA has exceeded 5,000 confirmed exoplanets. Related Topics Strange worlds outside our solar system, including a variety of distant planets, including rocky planets, gas giants like Jupiter, or ice giants like Neptune. And although planetary … Read more

The Perseverance rover is searching for life on Mars

Written by: Alexandra Fitz More than 15 months after landing at Jezero crater on Mars, NASA’s Perseverance rover has begun its relentless search for signs of past life on the planet. On the 28th of last May, the rover blew up a boulder to obtain a circular sample, 5 centimeters in diameter, from the rocks … Read more

The Hope Probe..a year of unprecedented scientific discoveries

Exploration of Mars is not about rovers, there is a need for orbiters that support surface processes and provide a comprehensive picture of the planet. Without the information provided by these probes, such as the Emirati Hope probe, detailed information about the planet remains incomplete. The Jeddah Astronomical Society says in a report published on … Read more

The Hubble Space Telescope has obtained the largest image of the sky in the infrared range – it promises amazing discoveries

International group of scientists published the largest image of a section of the sky in the near infrared range. The site covers an area slightly larger than six full moon disks in the sky. But for this, it was necessary to “glue together” fragments of images obtained from the Hubble over the past 12 years … Read more

The most important scientific discoveries during the month of May 2022

Asmaa Lamnawar wrote on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 10:23 PM – Important scientific discoveries and developments in various fields witnessed last May, whether they were new discoveries or the publication of results of scientific experiments that have been studied over many years. Over the past month, scientists in many fields have published new discoveries that … Read more

GISMETEO: Scientists recorded 5 hours of Martian sounds – and made discoveries – Science and space

martian rover NASA Perseverance all last year recorded acoustic noise on the Red Planet, from which the researchers have now compiled a five-hour “tracklist”. © NASA The main takeaway, of course, is that Mars is much quieter than Earth. A number of natural noises there, including from the wind, are about 20 dB quieter than … Read more

Chinese discoveries on Mars indicate the existence of water for a longer period on…

(MENAFN– Al-Anbaa) Chinese scientists said that wet minerals detected by a Chinese robotic rover on Mars in a huge depression believed to be the site of an ancient ocean indicate that water has been on the planet’s surface for longer than previously thought. In a research paper published in the journal Science Advances, the scientists … Read more