The 5 most common diseases of women

Author: Published on 17 august 2022 Unfortunately, equality between women and men does not extend to health issues. The female sex predisposes you to some ailments that it is important to be aware of, so that you can protect yourself adequately According to the statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the main … Read more

It can aggravate lung diseases by 95% VIDEO

Marti, August 16, 2022, now 01:16 12874 readings A group of scientists led by the University of California, San Francisco, who published a study in the journal Sleep on August 8, 2022, made an unexpected discovery regarding patients with they were pulmonary. Experts found that insufficient sleep is worse than smoking for them, increasing the … Read more

Horror! It turns out that this is the danger of oral sex, 7 diseases lurk, this is the solution, says Dr. Silvi

North Sulawesi portal – There are many ways that married couples do to stimulate before having sex. One of them with oral sex. Quoted from various sources, Oral sex is a sexual activity carried out by stimulating Mr P, Miss V or the anus of a partner, using the lips, mouth, and tongue. This sexual … Read more

Study: 58% of infectious diseases are linked to climate threats

A new study published recently by Nature Climate Change revealed that 58% of infectious diseases are linked to climate threats. According to the authors of this study, 218 diseases (i.e. 58% of the 375 human infectious diseases) seem to be aggravated by one of the ten problems associated with climate change. Climate threats like floods, … Read more

When Was Monkeypox Virus Discovered? Diseases That Are Now a New Threat

PEOPLE’S MIND – In the midst of the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, the spread of monkey pox or monkeypox now a new threat. Case monkey pox in a number of countries reported an increase. Experts are concerned that misinformation about monkey pox can prevent people from protecting themselves. Monkeypox can affect people of any … Read more

Study finds 58% of infectious diseases are linked to climate threats

Climate threats such as floods, heat waves and drought have increased hundreds of infectious diseases that afflict humans to more than half, including malaria, cholera, hantavirus and even anthrax, according to a study published Monday by Nature Climate Change. Researchers ont discovered that 218 human infectious diseases (58% of 375 diseases) appear to be aggravated … Read more

they fear the return of diseases already eradicated

Faced with the risk that diseases that have already been eradicated or outbreaks of others that are already controlled will resurface among the child population of Mexico, civil organizations and the association Save The Children They urge the federal government to address the lag in vaccination schemes. According to the National Health and Nutrition Survey … Read more

It’s not just Monkeypox. Here are other diseases that cause skin lesions

O Progressive appearance of rashes that affect the skin and mucous membranes are one of the main symptoms of the Monkeypox virus. What you may not know is that these sores can also be a sign of other human viral diseases. As such, the coordinator of the Department of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases of the … Read more

It is very effective in the treatment of infertility and sexual diseases, prevents the formation of kidney stones! It beautifies the skin, a complete healing store…

WHAT IS THERMAL WATER GOOD FOR, WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? Thermal water is a relaxing, healing water that comes from underground and its temperature varies between 20-30 degrees. Thermal waters, which are preferred for therapeutic purposes at many points in the body, generally contain sulfur, sodium chloride and salt. The benefits of thermal water, whose … Read more

climate change could exacerbate more than half of known human infectious diseases

And anyone who thinks we can only tackle the problem with disease control steps is wrong. We really need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, researchers argue. Climate change has many consequences. A not insignificant one is the impact of global warming on our own health. For example, it is known that climate change can … Read more