The US exceeds 2,000 deaths from COVID-19 in one day with hospitals at the limit

Nov 25 (Reuters) – Daily deaths from COVID-19 in the United States surpassed 2,000 for the first time since May and hospitals across the country are already full, heralding an increase in mortality as the coronavirus pandemic casts shadows on the holiday season. FILE PHOTO: A long traffic jam on a Chicago freeway days before … Read more

Diseases your dog can detect and you’re not paying attention to

Cancer A recent study on breast cancer screening which has been done with the help of a dog expert, it has been a complete success. The experiment consisted of training two German shepherd dogs for 6 months to adapt their smell and achieve 100% accuracy in the detection of breast cancer. This study was carried … Read more

7 famous people suffering from rare diseases, in silence

In the Hollywood industry, several famous suffer from rare diseases, in silence. Pathologies make their days conditioned to different symptoms Y treatments that they have to carry out to combat them or in the worst case, feel better. We start with Selena Gomez, who suffers from lupus, an inflammatory disease caused when the immune system … Read more

Cornea Project wants to revolutionize the diagnosis of eye diseases

Keratoconus is a fairly unknown disease and very difficult to diagnose. It affects the cornea of ​​the eye, which loses its normal curvature and bends towards a conical shape, causing the vision to be distorted. It usually appears in adolescence and, at first, it is believed to be myopia. But, as the cornea becomes deformed, … Read more

US exceeds 12 million cases of COVID-19, many ignore travel warnings

Several people, some with masks, visit the esplanade in front of Rockefeller Center in New York. November 21, 2020. REUTERS / Jeenah Moon Nov 21 (Reuters) – The United States surpassed the threshold of 12 million coronavirus cases on Saturday as millions of Americans prepared to travel for Thanksgiving, ignoring warnings from health authorities seeking … Read more

Mutant scorpion toxin would help inhibit metastasis of 3 types of cancer: UNAM | Healthy world

The double mutant of a powerful toxin from the Indian red scorpion, called tamapine and which contains its venom, could be capable of inhibiting the metastasis (the migration of some types of cancer cells) of three types of cancer, which are breast cancer, skin and prostate, reported the National Autonomous University of Mexico. The institution … Read more

IMSS urges men to overcome taboos to detect diseases

Culiacán.- Although progress has been made in the timely detection of diseases such as breast cancer due to the great diffusion and response that has been had by the female population, the males they still are more closed for self-exploration and take care of preventive measures that help detect conditions such as prostate and testicular … Read more

How to know if your mole is skin cancer

I remember a funny scene from the series ‘Seinfeld’ in which the protagonist is having dinner with a dermatologist and accuses her that dermatologists only dedicate themselves to seeing “pimples”. At that moment a patient approaches the doctor and says: “Doctor, you saved my life. He diagnosed me with skin cancer in time.” Biography Dr. … Read more

[Especial] Cardiovascular diseases, the main cause of death

Cecilia Guzmán Rodríguez, in charge of the office of the public health sub-directorate of the Health Services in Morelos (SSM), announced that according to the annual statistics, the main diseases for which the people of Morelos lose their lives are cardiovascular, diabetes mellitus, malignant tumors and liver diseases. Acute respiratory diseases are the main disease … Read more

Education – Hanover – State Parents’ Council criticizes health protection in schools – Education

Hanover (dpa / lni) – There is further criticism of the Lower Saxony concept for schools in the Corona crisis. “So far, the lowest possible health protection has been applied in schools, which is incomprehensible,” said the chairman of the State Parents’ Council, Cindy-Patricia Heine. For more direct infection protection, she calls for Plexiglas walls … Read more