Not every hand tremor is Parkinson’s, but a neurologist. Atilla Kara stated that even the seemingly simple hand tremors can be a symptom of many serious neurological diseases.

İskenderun Gelişim Hospital Neurology Specialist Dr. Stating that even a simple hand tremor may be a symptom of many serious neurological diseases, Atilla Kara said that if these symptoms are seen, a neurologist should be consulted.Explaining that Parkinson, which manifests itself with symptoms such as hand tremors, balance disorder and slowness of movement, is a … Read more

What causes short stature in children? Diseases that cause short stature

Prof. Dr. Boyraz noted that children who grew up in a loveless family environment also had short stature. Underlining that the families of children with short stature complaints should definitely consult a pediatric or pediatric endocrinologist before it is too late, Prof. Dr. Boyraz explained that after a detailed history was taken at the first … Read more

Should those with allergic diseases be Biontech vaccine or Sinovac vaccine? – Health News

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Health will give priority to more than 355,000 people in the vaccination for their diseases | Society

A woman is vaccinated at the Casilla pavilion in Bilbao, this Wednesday.Fernando Domingo-Aldama Some 355,000 patients with pathologies will have priority when it comes to being vaccinated, since their diseases pose a greater risk of suffering complications in case of contracting coronavirus. The immunization of some 10,000 people with Down syndrome over 40 years of … Read more

Facts about Mysterious Brain Diseases in Canada, Causes People to Have Memory Loss

Jakarta – The doctors were worried brain disease mysterious attacking dozens of citizens in Canada. They have had difficulty identifying the cause of the mysterious brain disease since 2020. Over a year, local health officials recorded a ‘cluster’ of mysterious brain diseases with a total of 43 cases. “We are working with various groups and … Read more

Do you have a white tongue? The color may indicate the presence of serious diseases in the body!

Have you ever brushed your teeth in the morning and noticed that you have a white tongue? You may have seen only a few spots of this color or even your entire tongue may have taken on a different shade. If you have panicked this change, read this article and find out if you should … Read more

Young physicians do not want to be chest diseases specialists!

MEDIMAGAZIN-Chest diseases specialists, who are the most working and tired groups in the pandemic process, expressed their difficulties and asked for an urgent regulation in their personal rights. Turkey is Respiratory Society (TRS), while the health workers voiced crushed under the pressure of a pandemic on the other hand economic difficulty. Describing the change in … Read more

The protective weapon of all ages against infectious diseases: getting vaccinated

Turkey Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Association (EKMUD) our country to raise awareness about adult immunization and to meet with all health workers, on 26-28 March 2021 date “III. Organized the Adult Immunization Academy online. Speaking at the meeting, EKMUD President Prof. Dr. Reminding that vaccination is still one of the most successful, effective … Read more

Chronic skin diseases. What causes them to worsen?

In winter, even for healthy people, the skin becomes drier, which is due to both wind, cold air temperature outside, and the side effect of the heating season – too dry indoor air. However, people who have to live with skin diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or seborrheic dermatitis do not get along easily, … Read more