“Predator” tops ratings – Disney Disney – cnBeta.COM

Disney said yesterday that “Predator” broadcast on its streaming platform Hulu has jumped to the top of the platform’s ratings, and its premiere has surpassed all previous films and episodes. People in the industry are interested in, since this film is so good, why is it not handed over to the theater for distribution but … Read more

Concern! Momo, the son of Jimena Barón, suffered an accident on his trip to Disney – PEOPLE Online

Jimena Baron and her son, Momo, They are enjoying a beautiful Disney vacation. Mother and son toured the Mickey Mouse tourist parks and got on a huge number of rides. Everything was laughter and fun until this morning the boy went to the pool of the hotel where they were staying and in an oversight … Read more

Disney+ Ultimate Warrior Beast Hunter Movie Experience: Famous Alien Warriors Kill, Bloody and Brutal (With Thunder) #Disney+ Taiwan (180888) – Cool3c

The appearance is still a very classic alien ultimate warrior. It first appeared in the 1987 movie “Ultimate Warrior”, and then appeared in many subsequent movies as the same role, even in “Alien Battlefield” and the sequel, and with Another plot in which stars in outer space compete with aliens is a classic role in … Read more

The Dam on Disney+ and Star+?

MADRID, 4 Ago. (CulturaOcio) – To the saga Predatorthe franchise that started back in 1987 with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the protagonist, lives a new chapter with Predator: To the press, his new movie that arrives this Friday at Disney+, Star+ y Upstream. . he films, directed by Dan Trachtenberg premieres directly on the streaming service … Read more

Angie Cepeda: what happened to the Colombian from Pantaleón and the visitors | Christian Meier | Light Maria | Solar Savior | Peliteñida | poor devil | sister of Lorna Cepeda | Marisol Aguirre | ATMP | NTLR | Famous

Angie Cepeda is an internationally recognized Colombian actress, who is also one of the sisters of the ‘Peliteñida‘, Lorna Cepeda, from the hit telenovela “I am Betty the Ugly one”. His passage through the first leading role in “Las Juan” of 1997 opened the way to different projects, the same ones that arose in Peruwhere … Read more

That’s why the new Predator movie debuts on streaming and not in theaters

The Prey is not coming to theaters, but will instead be available on Disney+. For good reason. The Predator franchise will return after 2018, with its newest installment, the predat, a Cloverfield Lane 10 directed by Dan Trachtenberg. The world premiere of the former took place at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, which, according to … Read more

Marvel Studios Unveils Its First Crossover on Disney+

<!– –> Marvel Studios calls the series Secret Invasion a crossover event. After the Infinity Saga, the Marvel Cinematic Universe really exploded. Since the launch of the Disney+ streaming service, we have seen both movies and series in the MCU. The series are launching on Disney+ and so far have only been sparsely associated with … Read more

These are the Disney Plus premieres for August 2022 |

The month of August has officially arrived, so many streaming companies have announced the content that will be arriving to delight subscribers who are paying their respective monthly rate. And although, Disney Plus it doesn’t incorporate many shows, most are original productions that can’t be seen anywhere else. It is worth commenting that some of … Read more

The fallen actor looked terrified. And today? A tremendous change has happened

We wrote more than once about what has happened with Shaun Weiss in recent years. The former Disney star from “Mighty Ducks” in a drug sequence once tried to steal a car, another time to rob someone’s house. The addiction took its toll on his body. Skinny, emaciated, only skin and bones – such Weiss … Read more

Russo Brothers Won’t Direct Next Two Avengers Movies – Disney – Marvel Marvel Studios

“Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame” director Russo Brothers will not direct “Avengers: Dynasty of Kang” and “Avengers: Secret War”. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige answered a question about whether the Russo Brothers would return to the MCU to direct the next two Avengers movies in an interview after the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con booth … Read more