31-year-old Agnė lives with a personality disorder: the slightest criticism makes me want to die

You have probably been visited more than once in your life by the feeling of loneliness or the fear that a loved one may leave you. Sometimes, when some people feel that maybe the person they like wants to end the relationship, they do it themselves first. It’s better to end things first than to … Read more

Inaugural lecture Professor Joost Hutsebaut on young people with a personality disorder

Using the example of the most common personality disorder – borderline personality disorder – Joost Hutsebaut walks through the origins, diagnosis and treatment methods of personality disorders in his inaugural lecture. He shows that the importance of early intervention is evident. The focus of his teaching assignment is therefore on improving the early detection and … Read more

Towards precision medicine for people with bipolar disorder

YOUNG RESEARCHERS. Erik Smedler wants to increase the understanding of how bipolar disorder develops, in order to eventually contribute to more individually tailored treatment. He is a ST doctor in psychiatry at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, with research time at the Wallenberg Center for Molecular and Translational Medicine (WCMTM) at the University of Gothenburg. For a … Read more

Autonomic nervous disorder causing you palpitations, chest tightness, abdominal distension? Traditional Chinese medicine exposes 2 ways to improve these medicinal materials and relieve palpitations and dreaminess | Insomnia | Ningxin and Shenshen | Chen Yingguang | Health 2.0

Insomnia at night, tired during the day, do you have a disorder of self-discipline? Chen Yingguang, a TCM doctor at Yafeng Weixin TCM Clinic, said that modern people live a busy life, but they suffer from insomnia at night, which makes them more tired at work during the day. Psychiatry improved. see more:She’s 44 years … Read more

Karen Schwarz breaks down by revealing that Ezio Oliva suffers from anxiety attacks: “I am a witness of his fight” | The voice Peru | Psychological disorder | show business

Karen Black y Ezio Oliva son one of the most stable couples of the Peruvian show business. They have built a solid relationship thanks to the support between each other in the most difficult moments. Both have been able to overcome various obstacles over the years and have even been together when health was a … Read more

A research of the Chieti Psychiatry on bipolar disorder funded by Pnrr

An important funding for research in the field of mental health has been assigned to the Local Health Authority of Lanciano-Vasto-Chieti by the Ministry of Health, as part of the funds of the Pnrr – National Recovery and Resilience Plan dedicated to innovation in healthcare. The study will make it possible to improve knowledge in … Read more

Britney Spears Talks About Serious Health Disorder: “There’s Probably No Cure”

The singer Britney Spears, who was freed from her father’s custody last year, seems to have started a new and happy phase of her life. However, this one is not as happy as expected – the singer talked about severe health problems. On his Instagram account, which is followed by more than 41 million people. … Read more

What is the strange medical disorder of “furry black tongue”, which writer Julie Powell suffered from before she died

. Julie Powell, an American writer internationally renowned for her blog and cookbook inspired by chef Julia Child’s 1960s French cookbook, has died of a heart attack at the age of 49 and, over the course of hours it became known that in the previous days he had suffered from the medical disorder of the … Read more

Kidney Disorder Patients Should Pay Attention To This, Apples And Papayas Are Low Potassium Sources

Sunday 30-10-2022, 14:19 WIB Reporter: Bambang Dwi Atmodjo| Editor: Khomsurijal Wahibudiyak Yudhi Adrianto, SGz, MKM, AIFO as RSCM Dietitian Nutritionist-Screenshot- JAKARTA, DISWAY.ID– Patients with kidney disorders must pay attention to a number of things so that the disease does not continue. Among the things that need to be considered for patients with kidney disorders are … Read more

“Most guys would leave. Debate about the son’s mental disorder and the possibility of playing for the Hungarians

Former football player Marek Střeštík experienced his best sporting years while working in Hungary. At the same time, however, he and his wife Jana were going through hell after the birth of their disabled son. In the podcast prepared by the Bez frazí project in collaboration with Aktuálně.cz, Střeštík describes the difficulties associated with raising … Read more