No damage in London, Chelsea and Sevilla distribute points – Corner MX

By. Rodrigo González // Cover image via: In a match stiff Y entertaining, Sevilla Took out a tie on your visit to Stamford Bridge before him Chelsea by first working day from UEFA Champions League 20/21. The first half started moving, the Blues looked dangerous when a stopped ball crossed Diego Carlos except from … Read more

Riantec. Firefighters are ready to distribute their calendars

The firefighters will soon be offering 3,500 calendars in the three municipalities in their area of ​​intervention, Riantec, Port-Louis and Locmiquélic. This operation will mobilize twenty-eight firefighters until the beginning of January. They can come every evening of the week, or during the weekends, in compliance with health rules. They will be in uniform, must … Read more

Pfizer seeks to apply in November for an emergency authorization to distribute its COVID-19 vaccine

(Photo: EFE / EPA / Hotli Simanjuntak) Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer continues to advance testing of its COVID-19 vaccine, and By the end of November, he hopes to request an emergency authorization for the distribution of the drug from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). as reported by the company’s CEO, Albert Bourla. “Let me … Read more

Nation studies a plan to distribute computers among students

In full social, preventive and mandatory isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the national government is preparing the execution of a new connectivity plan for schools and the distribution of computers among students. The Minister of Education, Nicolás Trotta, met with the Secretary of Industry, Ariel Schale; the president of Banco Nación, Eduardo Hecker; and … Read more

Norway to distribute COVID-19 vaccine for free

OSLO, Oct 13 (Reuters) – Norway will provide its inhabitants with a COVID-19 vaccine for free when one is available, the government said on Tuesday, and it would become part of the country’s national vaccination program. FILE PHOTO: A vial labeled “COVID-19 Vaccine” in English and a medical syringe in this illustration image taken on … Read more

The president’s message to Rodríguez Larreta: we must distribute resources differently

When announcing public works in videoconference from the Quinta de Olivos, the head of state stressed that the governors “have interpreted better than anyone the feeling that I want the government to exist. We are the national government of a federal country, which throughout the years have been built in a very uneven and balanced … Read more

Mexico could distribute 32 million doses of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus in December 2020

Mexico was also a prospect for the tests, finally the Russian government gave up on including Mexicans in phase III. (Photo: EFE / Banda Aceh) The Russian coronavirus vaccine, Sputnik V, could be ready by November this year, which means that by the end of 2020, Mexico could distribute millions of doses in the country. … Read more

The US will distribute millions of rapid coronavirus tests – In Spanish

The Abbott Laboratories tests would allow teachers, for example, to be tested weekly, or for parents to know if their asymptomatic child has COVID-19, the official said. In some cases, states could conduct baseline monitoring, such as assessing a proportion of students per week or per month to ensure that the incidence of coronavirus is … Read more

US should prepare to distribute covid-19 vaccines by end of October, says CDC – CNN

The vaccine against covid-19 could be advanced 1:29 (CNN) — The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has told public health officials in U.S prepare to distribute a possible vaccine against coronavirus By the end of october. They also provided planning scenarios to help states prepare. The documents were published by The New … Read more

CDC Asks States to Prepare to Distribute a Covid-19 Vaccine in Early November, Coinciding with Elections | Univision Health News

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) alerted state and local health authorities to prepare to distribute a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year, according to a CNN report. The document indicates that there will be pilot states, such as North Dakota, Florida, California, Minnesota, and Philadelphia. The quantities to be delivered … Read more