Barcelona City Council and the UOC consolidate the location of the university in the technological district of Barcelona

The Barcelona City Council and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) have agreed to reinforce and consolidate the presence of the university in the Sant Mart district, specifically in the complex of facilities known as Can Jaumandreu (one of the preserved vestiges of the industrial past del Poblenou). By signing a protocol, the university, which … Read more

Available reserves save the district budget | Free press

Zwickau / Glauchau. The corona crisis has also tightened the reins in the district council. When a double budget for the district of Zwickau was adopted for the first time, the district councils only needed 53 minutes at their meeting on Wednesday for presentations, discussions and decisions. There were times when the procedure took three … Read more

Turkey delivers 285 humanitarian aid to Iota victims in La Boquilla

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), of the Government of the Republic of Turkey, with the support of the District’s Risk and Disaster Management Advisory Office, delivered 285 humanitarian aid to families residing in the Puerto Bello sector, in the village of Tierrabaja, belonging to the town of La Boquilla, qThey were damaged by … Read more

Amendment of the law creates relief / Olpe district

Many people in our region volunteer in an association. In association law in particular, there are many formalities to be observed, which, however, are difficult or even impossible to comply with in the Corona crisis. Allowing a general meeting to take place as a face-to-face event is either not permitted due to current contact restrictions … Read more

Ambulance station in Cobbelsdorf ?: Trouble over mail from the district administrator

There is no ambulance station in Coswig. The city offers a solution for this. The district administrator then wrote an email that caused a lot of trouble in the city council. Coswig – An e-mail from the district administrator caused displeasure at the last meeting of the Coswig city council. Although the district is responsible … Read more

Advent mood in the Böblingen district: A little substitute for Christmas markets – Böblingen district

From Kathrin Haasis Kathrin Haasis (cat)Profile November 29, 2020 – 12:47 p.m. Böblingen relies on decorations, the town hall lights up in Herrenberg and fir trees are decorated in Sindelfingen: the district towns offer various campaigns to create an Advent atmosphere and support trade. Luminous Christmas tree on Elbenplatz in Böblingen Photo: It / Simon … Read more

District of Lörrach: A support for people in need – District of Lörrach

“Our target group are disadvantaged and needy people. This also includes people who suffer from loneliness “, Horvath explains the concept and continues:” We want to offer these people a platform to hang out in a café without being forced to consume, to get into conversation and to get to know other people. ” The … Read more

Investment in education – rivalry for secondary school – Munich district

After the eagerly awaited meeting of the association for state secondary schools in the southeast of the Munich district on Wednesday evening, the race for an additional secondary school is completely open again. The final decision will not be made until February whether the new building will be built on Brunnthaler Straße at the end … Read more

District court: Covid19 voucher regulation does not apply – SC Paderborn appeals: Ghost game: Reimbursement for sponsor – SCP

In the opinion of the court, VIP cards are not comparable to normal entry tickets when it comes to compensation. The sponsor had refused a voucher offered by the association and insisted on immediate payment of the services lost due to the lockdown in March. At that time the SCP was still playing in the … Read more

District Court Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19

Question: Are all District Courts open during this public health crisis? Answer: Yes, all District Courts are open to do certain paperwork and hold hearings on certain matters. Some paperwork is done in person and the rest is done without people having to go to court. These procedures are handled by the court virtually, by … Read more