After the floods, the Bomel district in Namur is still suffering badly

Country showers and a kitchen will be made available to disaster victims whose housing is unsanitary, the city of Namur announced on Thursday. Namur did not have to deplore any injuries during the floods of Saturday July 24, but the consequences remain heavy for some victims whose housing is unsanitary. Country showers will be set … Read more

Z.Palevičius after visiting the Ministry of the Interior: There are no Lithuanian enemies in Šalčininkai district

Prior to the meeting, the spokesperson of the Minister of the Interior Lina Laurinaitytė-Grigienė informed BNS that the meeting is taking place on the mayor’s initiative. “The meeting was initiated by the mayor of Šalčininkai district, therefore we hope to hear constructive suggestions on how to reduce public concern about the neighborhood of migrants and … Read more

Merko will build a wind farm in Mažeikiai district | Business

It is planned to install the foundations of 14 wind power plants. UAB Merko statyba works in this project – to build the foundations of wind power plants, ie to dig foundation pits, to install piles and foundation foundations and more. The works are planned to be completed in 2022. I quarter. “I very much … Read more

Gasoline hits record prices in 18 states and the Federal District

posted on 7/26/2021 00:00 / updated on 07/27/2021 06:44 For just one cent, a liter of gasoline did not reach the value of R$7 in the country, this Monday (26/7). In some regions, regular gasoline was found at R$ 6.99. The value, R$ 0.02 higher than last week, is the highest ever recorded this year, … Read more

Merko statyba will build the foundations of Ignitis grupė’s wind power plants in Mažeikiai district

The company said it has signed more than $ 7 million. agreement with Nordex Lithuania worth EUR. The new contractor was chosen by the German company after the previous contractor, Nobe, a subsidiary of the Estonian construction company Nordecon, announced that it would not build the foundation. At that time, it was announced that about … Read more

Lazdijai district. the largest remote solar power plant opened

Solarbank, the largest remote solar power plant in Lithuania with a capacity of 3.35 MW, has been opened in Grikapali (Lazdijai district). The platform differs from the existing ones in that SoliTek’s modern technologies provide consumers with 35-40 percent. more efficient electricity generation and twice the price of electricity. “During the last decades, Lithuanian energy … Read more

After the latest floods, the army is helping in the Bomel district in Namur

Posted on Sunday, July 25, 2021 at 5:36 p.m. By A.DG. Residents of the Bomel district continue to clear away the damage caused by the waters that invaded the area on Saturday evening. Here, as elsewhere, the work is enormous. The army came as reinforcements on Sunday afternoon. In Namur, the crisis unit met again … Read more

District after district falls. Now the world is preparing for the refugee crisis.

It is not just the Taliban’s advance that is causing people to flee. Taliban supporters wave white flags after the rebel movement announced that it had captured the city of Spin Boldaka on July 14. As the rebels advance, the population escapes. Photo: Tariq Achakzai, AP / NTB July 25, 2021 10:58 p.m. Last updated … Read more

Written by the wind: DQ chasing full salary or resigning, district councilor approves the government’s despicable government / Article: Li Xianzhi-20210722-Opinion-Ming Pao Daily

View Thursday, July 22, 2021 Prophet Lee Smelling the wind Brushstrokes: Beware of “Anti-Communist” Resurrection / Text: Zhang ZhigangWritten by the wind: DQ chasing full salary or resigning, district councillors approve the government’s despicable government / article: Li XianzhiLin Yixin, Su Yaoji: Are college students willing to be journalists in the future?Huang Haohua: The “anti-base … Read more

Merko for 15 million Enefit Green wind farm will be built in Šilalė district

More than 15 million LTL have been signed with the latter company Šilalės Vėjas. The contract for the construction of 12 power plants is worth EUR 1 million, Merko Statyba reports. According to Enefit Green, the total value of the park is 60 million. euros. Member of the Board of Enefit Green Linas Sabaliauskas states … Read more