Effective on genes! Here is that nutrient that has the power to repair even DNA: Consume one serving a week – Gallery

Black-eyed peas are especially grown in regions with a Mediterranean climate. Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain and parts of the Middle East are the main cowpea growing regions. However, cowpea can also be grown in different parts of the world, as it is a vegetable that can be found in most markets. #Effective #genes #nutrient #power … Read more

American actor “Al Pacino” surprises his Kuwaiti girlfriend by requesting a DNA test because he suspects her…and revealing the result

Al-Marsad Newspaper: American actor Al Pacino asked his Kuwaiti girlfriend, Nour Al-Falah, to take a DNA test, because he suspected her. And according to what was reported by TMZ, the 83-year-old actor obliged his girlfriend, Nour, to take the test…and the test showed that he is indeed the father. Earlier, Al Pacino said that he … Read more

Discovery of a novel DNA repair process at the level of the cell nucleus

In the event of damage, the cell nucleus calls upon antioxidant enzymes to repair DNA and preserve the integrity of the genome. While the nucleus was previously thought to be metabolically inactive, this discovery implies a major shift in our understanding of molecular biology. Furthermore, the research promises broad prospects for new, potentially more effective … Read more

Canadian police have solved the 48-year-old murder of a sixteen-year-old girl

Sixteen-year-old Sharron Prior from the Canadian city of Longueuil, which is located right next to Montreal, went to a local pizzeria with friends on March 29, 1975, and her loved ones have not seen her since. She was found dead three days later. Investigators have examined more than a hundred suspects in this case, but … Read more

Audrey and Damien get married at Le Mas, Victoire is in danger (Summary of DNA episode 1435)

“Tomorrow belongs to us” in advance with the detailed summary of episode 1435 of Friday May 26, 2023 – In this new episode of DNA which will be broadcast on Friday on TF1, Audrey and Damien say “yes” to each other for life while Victoire finds face to Vanessa! Advertisement Capture TF1 The previous summary … Read more

American mother takes DNA test “for fun” and discovers that she has had a child with a stranger for years

A family portrait with mum Donna, dad Vanner and the children Junior and Tim.Photo: rr Getting a DNA test is a piece of cake these days, but the results can be quite shocking. American Donna Johnson and her family had their DNA tested “for fun” and made a very disturbing discovery. Donna Johnson and her … Read more

An Australian uploaded his DNA into a database. The result shocked him – o2.pl

share Tweet The Australian uploaded his DNA to a database and made a horrific discovery soon after. It turned out that his father was a double murderer who escaped from prison and assumed a false identity. William Leslie Arnold was only 16 when he killed his parents in 1958. He buried the body behind the … Read more