Why did Putin kill people in the Dnieper – Yakovina video / NV

Vladimir Putin, as commander in chief, is the modern incarnation of Osama bin Laden (Photo: REUTERS) Putin realized that he had lost the opportunity to win on the battlefield. Therefore, he took up the old – for terrorism Vladimir Putin, as commander in chief, is the modern incarnation of Osama bin Laden, the master terrorist … Read more

20 hours under rubble in the Dnieper. Kateryna Ze³enska has not spoken since she was a child. “She couldn’t call for help” | World news

January 14 Russians they carried out another missile attack. One of the shells they fired hit a block of flats in the city of Dnieper (central-eastern Ukraine), resulting in the death of over 40 residents of the block. On January 15, while searching the rubble, a 27-year-old woman was found unable to call for help. … Read more

Dnepr-1 may be expelled from European competitions

“Dnepr-1” is threatened with disqualification from UEFA. The well-known Ukrainian insider Sergey Bolotnikov spoke about this. “According to my information, UEFA received a complaint saying that Dnipro-1 is an old Dnipro, just repainted. UEFA has launched an investigation, they are already sorting it out. 1″ will not only repay Dnepr’s debts, but may also be … Read more

The Ukrainians crossed the Dnieper. The Russians are waiting for an attack

Despite the worse weather conditions, the Ukrainians are reclaiming more territories from Russian occupation. On Saturday, the UNIAN agency reported that special forces began to reclaim areas on the eastern bank of the Dnieper, where on Saturday, in one of the villages in the Kherson region, the first Ukrainian flag was raised since the beginning … Read more

The Russians are afraid of an attack from the Dnieper

According to American experts, the Russian military is aware that Ukrainian soldiers can cross the Dnieper and start counteroffensive in the eastern part of the Kherson region, threatening all their critical land links with Crimea itself. The fears of the Russians ISW indicates that the Russians have begun to strengthen their defensive positions on the … Read more

It is already clear to the Russians that they will not prevent the Ukrainians from crossing the Dnieper

Since the beginning of October, Russian troops have been digging massive trench systems behind the Dnieper in the eastern part of the Kherson region. It was a clear preparation for the withdrawal from Kherson and the entire territory on the west bank of the Dnieper. And the building continues. Given the depth to which the … Read more

Russia struck at the Dnieper – eyewitness accounts

Up to 10 private sector buildings were destroyed, more than 20 were damaged. Russia launched a missile attack on the Dnieper / photo t.me/V_Zelenskiy_official 13 victims, among them – a teenager. Two Russian missiles hit the peaceful Dnieper the day before. One – in the private sector, a dozen houses razed to the ground, the … Read more

Ukraine fights for Kinburn scythe. A strategic salient could open the way to Crimea — ČT24 — Czech Television

The Kinburn spit is a forty kilometer long and less than ten kilometer wide western extremity of the Kinburn peninsula, located on the east bank of the Dnieper southwest of Kherson. A narrow area covered with sand and salt marshes that empties into the Black Sea is the last island that according to a report … Read more

“Cumulation”. The general indicates what will happen at the front

– The Ukrainians are already able to control what is happening on the left bank of the Dnieper. In my opinion, they will do everything to capture the beachheads as soon as possible and disorganize the preparations of the defensive area by Russian soldiers – said Brig. Gen. dr Jarosław Kraszewski in the “Newsroom” program … Read more

Attack on the left bank of the Dnieper. A powerful blow to the Russians

A recording of the moment of the artillery strike on the Russian BTR-80/82A APC vehicle has been uploaded to the network. Everything happened in the village of Oleszki in the Kherson region. This place has been occupied by Putin’s army for a long time. The Ukrainians of the 59th Mechanized Brigade destroyed the enemy vehicle … Read more