series of suicides among young doctors in France

– Five interns have died since the beginning of the year. One every eighteen days, that is unheard of, said Gaetan Casanova, president of the medical interns union (ISNI). (ISNI) organized a rally in front of the Ministry of Health which was attended by about 40 people. The participants commemorated the trainees by placing plates … Read more

MotoGP 2021. Portuguese GP in Portimao. Pecino: For the doctors, Marc Marquez didn’t have to run [VIDEO] – MotoGP

In the first part of the live dedicated to today’s free practice day, as a guest of our correspondent Giovanni Zamagni, the Spanish journalist Manuel Pecino unveiled an important background on Marc Marquez’s return to racing, fresh from the long convalescence due to the injury sustained in the first race at Jerez of the 2020 … Read more

Doctors in Sweden sound the alarm: ‘The sperm is running out’

The sperm donors stay away from the clinics there. As a result, the average waiting time for artificial insemination rose from six to about 30 months last year, said doctors involved. According to department head Ann Thurin-Kjellberg of the university hospital in Gothenburg, it is a national problem. “The semen is running out. The stock … Read more

Doctors about Corona Drug Molnupiravir: Wait for Clinical Trial Results

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Social media is full of questions drug molnupiravir which is claimed to be effective Covid-19. The drug is reported to have undergone a second phase of clinical trials based on research conducted by the companies Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics in the United States and Canada. The company announced preliminary results of … Read more

Some family doctors do not see the need for Covid-19 mass vaccination centers / Article /

There is a misunderstanding in GP practices this week. Instead of the doses of Covid-19 vaccine ordered, most received only one vial of vaccine. Some doctors believe that if they were allowed to be vaccinated instead of large vaccination centers, more people would be vaccinated than now. Hundreds of vaccine vials have been delivered at … Read more

Doctors warn: “More young people in Norrbotten may need intensive care within a few days”

The high spread of infection in Norrbotten means that the hospitals are now heavily burdened. The vacancies in the hospitals are few, not least in intensive care. Concerns in intensive care Ulf Karlsson, intensive care physician at corona-IVA in Piteå, now fears that the number of young people who need intensive care will increase in … Read more

Johnson & Johnson case, the vaccine plan in Tuscany changes again: administration with family doctors in the balance

The US block forces to reschedule the agenda. Meanwhile, the Region reopens the portal for 70-year-olds. Giani: so it is difficult to respect the times Mario Neri April 14, 2021 FLORENCE. After months of planning a leading role for family doctors, pharmacists and even dentists, as with a Penelope canvas sewn by day and unmade … Read more

Doctors and nurses No Vax, the ultimatum of the Piedmont Region: “At home without a salary until December”

Hard times for doctors and nurses who don’t want to know about getting vaccinated. These are the days of the ultimatum, so much so that in some hospitals there is a rumor that someone is willing to protect themselves by consulting a lawyer. The hardest hypotheses for the diehards? Demotion (but it is not so … Read more

‘Furbetti’ of vaccines: doctors investigated in Oristano – Sardinia

by Manuel Scordo Taking advantage of their position as doctors and nurses, they administered Covid vaccines to relatives, professionals and people with leading roles in civil society, even though it was not their turn. This is what emerges from the investigation coordinated by the Prosecutor of Oristano on the ‘vaccine cunning’. The military of the … Read more