Covid, over 50 writes on ‘State responsible for damage’ form, doctors refuse to vaccinate her

What happened in a vaccination center in Rome, where a woman over 50, following the vaccination obligation introduced by the Government, went to undergo the anti-Covid vaccination, was sent home by medical staff, who refused to administer the vaccine dose. The case is announced today by Codacons, to which the woman turned to obtain legal … Read more

Doctors warned of a dead stroke by ten-year-old Mikhail Zelensky – Celebrities – – Entertainment

Mikhail Zelensky’s sudden death shocked his admirers. The holiday man, as his friends called him, always looked good, loved to dance and joke, did not complain about health problems. But suddenly, quite unexpectedly, he suffered a stroke and was called to eternity. However, despite Zelensky’s age, the TV presenter’s health has long been in jeopardy. … Read more

Bill Gates predicts what will happen next in the pandemic. Some doctors also think so

Bill Gates is considered by many to be an authority, a genius mind that can predict what will happen. Now he has said what he thinks about the pandemic and when it may end. Photo Łukasz / Warsaw w Pigułce Bill Gates corresponded on Twitter about the future of the pandemic with Devi Sridhar, who … Read more

The event that stunned even the doctors in Samsun! Clot due to coronavirus was thought to be, the real thing appeared on the operating table

The life of 28-year-old Raşit Batur, a father of a child who works as a lawyer’s clerk in Samsun, has completely changed after the Kovid infection he had last May. His complaints, which started with a simple shortness of breath, were thought to be the effect of Kovid at first, and he could not get … Read more

Doctors in the USA transplanted the patient’s heart with a genetically modified pig – ČT24 – Czech Television

Although it is still too early to talk about the success of the operation, according to the AP, it is a step forward in its efforts to one day use animal organs for life-saving transplant interventions. According to doctors, the operation proved that the heart of a genetically modified pig can function in the human … Read more

Doctors Unidos expresses concern about cases of illegal practice of medicine

Doctors Unidos de Venezuela expresses concern over complaints about illegal practice of medicine in which institutions that provide health services in the country, both public and private, have been involved. Through a statement, the NGO points out that both in the public and private spheres of health there are flaws in the entry mechanisms, review … Read more

Doctors advise against vaping to quit smoking

Read laterSavedFollow #company# company Follow-up Do you want to quit smoking? Do not bet on electronic cigarette to help you. This is what the High Council of Public Health (HCSP) said through recent studies. Indeed, vaping is not a withdrawal tool according to these health professionals. “Health professionals who accompany a smoker in a process … Read more

Fifteen Belgian doctors suspended for antivax rulings

At the beginning of last year, the Belgian Order of Physicians circulated a letter. It said it would “take a strong stance against the dissemination of information that is not in line with the current state of science.” Doctors now suspended spoke out against the vaccine, or urged patients not to get vaccinated, writes the … Read more

agreement reached with family doctors

An agreement was reached in the afternoon between the Region and the general practitioners’ unions (Fimmg, Smi and Snami) for the management of Covid cases in Puglia, which identifies “paths and skills of the various actors directly involved” in the activities to combat the pandemic. “Today’s agreement is good news – declared the president, Michele … Read more

Mobilization of private doctors in northern Greece begins

300 million people worldwide have been infected with the coronavirus Greek health authorities have announced 33,716 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hoursas well as 70 victims of the infection. 639 patients were on mechanical respiration, of which 97 (15.18%) were fully vaccinated. The mean age of new cases was 36 years, compared … Read more